New MAM Districts Executive Committee for Southern Region

Though this year’s Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) elections are facing with the fresh hiccups on daily basis, the electoral commission is doing whatever possible to make sure that the elections are conducted free and fair in all levels.

The journey to the new Executive membership in MAM has started as the district elections were conducted despite the injunction that was obtained from the court by another grouping called Islamic Concern led by Dr Imram Sharrif who is also the chairman candidate at National level.

The successful candidates on district elections have been listed below.

To begin with the southern region which has 13 districts, Amman Omar is the Chairman of MAM in Blantyre district and Kassimu Chindamba as his Vice. Tony Chilambo is the Secretary, Saidi Wiga is the vice secretary while Assan Chingwalu is the treasurer and Ibrahim Karonga as vice treasurer.

In Mwanza district the new MAM Executive committee is chaired by Kassim Chimbalanga assisted by Yusufu Kanzingeni as vice chairman and on secretary position there is Fazili Ibrahim Alli and Imedi Chilanga as vice secretary and Yassin Duncan Mwenyali is the new treasurer and Obin Asam as the Vice.

Moosa Hameem is the new chairman of Neno district and Sheikh Bamusi as his deputy, secretary position has gone to Alid Idadi and Hajimu Jawadu as the vice secretary. Wilson Wadi is the new treasurer with Yusuf Alick as the vice treasurer.

Maulana Yusuf Chipango has maintained his position as MAM district chairman for Nsanje district followed by Nurmahomed Abdul Karim as the vice chairman, Rafick Suleman won as the Secretary while Salimu Richard Namtunga won as the Vice Secretary on the other hand Ramuji Bhima took the position of Treasury who will be working with Muhammad Ishmael as the vice treasurer.

In Chiradzulu district the position of chairman has gone to Uthman Watch and Hamis Hassan Kassam as the vice chairman, Mussa Hassan is the secretary for the district assisted by Ismail Ibrahim as the vice secretary and Siraj Abubakar is the treasurer while Wick Mathuwa is the vice treasurer.

In Mangochi district the chairman is Sheikh Adam Imran Suwed and his vice is Fawad Kamsuli, Ahmad Milili Mwanyali is the MAM Secretary for Mangochi didtrict and his vice secretary is Sheikh M’balaka Muhammad and finally on treasury position has gone to Khalid Abdullah Khalid.

Alab Barnet Alubi is the MAM chairman for Mulanje district and Sheikh Issa Amidu is the vice chairman while Charles Menadi Saikonde is the only secretary for MAM in the district seconded by Rex Ibrahim Maluwa as the vice secretary and on treasury position was won by Daniel Mkwamba and his vice is Alhajj Abubakar Saidi Balakasi.

The Member of Parliament for Chikwawa central Hon. Zaheer Gaffar Issa was also elected as the new Chairman for MAM in the district and Abdul Aziz Chitalo is the vice chairman for Chikwawa district, Yasin Medson was elected as the MAM secretary with Giveson Nazil as the vice secretary while A. Razak Issa is the treasurer seconded by Manick Ganet as the vice treasurer.

In Thyolo district the committee is made up of Sheikh Idrissa Ajida Muhammad, Muhammad Ibrahim Swaley Gama, Malajira Milaj Ayami, Noor Deen Rajab, Abdul Azizi Sanudi and Golas Rashid Sanudi as Chairman, vice chairman, secretary, vice secretary, treasurer and vice treasurer respectively.

Phalombe district MAM chairman is Sheikh Abdulla Sitolo and Sheikh Rajab Namanya as the vice chairman while Ismail Mahomed Hussein was elected as the secretary who will be assisted by theAkimu A. Bomah as the vice secretary and Jafali Supelo is the only treasurer who is accompanied by his vice Sheikh Abdul Amidu Chirombo.

Then let us take a look in Balaka district where by the district is chaired bySheikh Ismail Mtiko and Hashim Shaibu as the vice chairman, Daudi Kapoto Mullie was chosen as the secretary while Sheikh Omar Abubakar Basan is the vice secretary for the district andSabiti Ali Saidi is the treasurer for MAM in B alaka district followed by Thomson Mailos.

In Machinga district the Chairman Ishaaq Qassim Mpanda and his vice Abdul Aziz Mpumula just walked over without votes and Idrissa Kalisinje won with a landslide victory on secretary position and Yusuf Liwonde was elected as the vice secretary while Mussa I. Misasa was elected as the treasurer to be help by Abdul Karim Kachulu as the vice treasurer.

In the same eastern region, Zomba is led by Dan S. Konda who is maintining his position as the MAM chairman of the district and Abdul Rashid Juma as the vice chairman, Farook Yusuf won on secretary position and Abubakar Kaiwe was elected as the vice secretary while Jafar Usi Kalingo was elected as the treasurer working together with Alli R. Mtelera as the vice treasurer.

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