New Muslims Need Urgent Assistance in Chikhwawa District


    Ndakwera Masjid

    New Muslim converts from Ndakwela village, Sub T/A Ndakwela in Chikhwawa district are appealing all well-wishers in the Country to provide them with a good Masjid and other learning materials.

    Over 90 people converted to Islam last year after being pleased with the love and passion that Muslims are showing in the area regardless of their faith status-in particular Sheikh Bashir Hassan Goba who has been a Muslim role model in the village, that is according to one of the converts, group village headman Chapemba.

    “What has really made me to become a Muslim is because of the behavior of some Muslims here in my Village. They are very loving and passionate indeed, that is why I decided to join them so that I should be one of the pious. I am very happy to be a Muslim now because in the previous we have been misled by these mysterious churches,” Chief Chapemba told

    However, reports indicate that the number is increasing everyday.

    When rushed to the venue last year, found that the converts had already built a temporary glass thatched Masjid, burned bricks and chiefs donated over 9 hectares of land to be used by all interested Islamic organizations in construction of Islamic Centre but it has found that nothing has been done since then.

    “We are currently still using the glass thatched Masjid which was built by the converts themselves as a starter park. Some people have promised that they will help us but up to now, nothing has been done. So, we are appealing to all well-wishers to help us with the resources like Masjid, Quran and other Islamic literature,” said Sheikh Abdulhakim when was trying to follow up the matter.

    “Currently, we have over 200 converts and we are unable to accommodate them all because the Masjid is too small and they are lacking a lot of things,” he worried.

    According to Abdulhakim, the Madrassa has currently been established and it is Sheikh Basheer Hassan Goba, the owner of Surgical Laboratory who is paying the Sheikh, the thing which he described as tough as he can not manage to do all things alone.

    Some of the Converts being adressed by Sh. Ahmed Chienda

    However, Sheikh Ahmed Chienda, Limbe Islamic Information Bureau Coordinator who also visited the area, said he was impressed with development saying it just shows that people are now able differentiate what is the truth and what is bogus.

    “This is a welcome development and I am really happy to see this happening in this area because it is one of the areas which have been neglected by other Islamic organizations. And the first convert being Chief, I am really impressed,” said Chienda.

    Chienda also asked other Muslims in Malawi and around the world to treat their neighbours with kindness, saying it is one of the measures, which Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) used to spread Islam in other countries.

    Back to my roots

    “My appeal to all Muslims in the Country and all over the world is that let us treat our neighbours with love and passion despite them being Christians or Jews,”  said the coordinator while giving an example of other countries like Indonesia where Islam was also spread by good behavior of some Muslims.




    1. This is just true. Shariah Islamic Dawah Movement was there on the 19th February 2011 strengthening their imans as well as verifying what is taught to them. Some youngsters are able to recite simple kalimas, hadeeths and duas. Others are able to make the adhan. Allahu akbar.The chief offered land that can accomodate an islamic complex.What is required is support of all kinds.I appreciate for having this article on this sight.

    2. This is very very touching and encouraging,how I wish I had something to help my fellow brothers and sisters May ALLAH Taala make it easy and possible

    3. I listened to "Ndawona Malemba" program on Radio Islam that was anchored by Hajj M'bwana last Saturday and I was really touched and felt pity that here is a community that has offered everything for their deen but they lack the basic support. Children from Christian families freely attending Madressa unhindered but aspiring to become Imam' ("like Sheikh Goba") they said. Allahu Akbar!

      Please, as a community let's do something for these people, they need our help.

    4. I went there personally to assess the situation, Brother Goba is my witness. Right now we are in the process of looking for a donor. As soon as we are thru with identifying a donor, the project will start Insha Allah.

    5. This is good news to all Muslims, these are the people who need urgent assistance. I hope evryone who has access to this site has seen and will respond accordingly. Thanks Sheikh Chabulika for the initiative and efforts you have made in this regard.

      My appeal to all Malawian Muslims including organisations is that we need to act quickly whenever need arises. Its not only the Chabulikas who are mandated to assist, its everyone of us.

      This also calls for us to always bear in mind that Islam is a universal religion. Islam is not for a particular tribe, race or colour. Islam is not only in Mangochi or the eastern part of this country. Islam is not only in the cities of Blantyre, Lilongwe or Zomba. Islam is and must be everywhere.

      Let us turn to other areas as well if we have some assistance. Areas like what we see in this story need not our big city Mosques, but moderate and descent ones, Islamc centres, and other facilities to enable these converts and other Muslims worship Allah.

      Brothers and Sisters all over, its time we diverted our efforts and resources to the cause of Islam.

      Thanks to all the individuals and organisations that have already shown interest in helping these poor fellows.

      May Allah grant us the spirit to give in charity and to spend in His cause.

    6. This is worth it.this is a sadaqat jaaliyat.this is very urgent.we are talking of a place of worship and Islamic education here.the religion of Islam at play here.may Allah grant us rizk so that we can carry out his duties and discharge our responsibilities towards our fellow human beings.Ameen

    7. I wish i had some thing to share with my fellow muslims in Chikhwawa only wishin them all the best and may Allah strengthen their imaan..

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