Blogs: Next Innocence of Muslims Movie: How Should We React?


    MarshallLet me start this blog post by commenting on the rumours trending in the social media that there is someone somewhere who is also planning to release another video that depicts Islam as a bad religion. The man, Imran Firasat is a Pakistani national, a former Muslim who currently resides in Spain.

    He claims he aims to expose the truth of the life of the Islam’s Prophet Muhammad (saw) with ‘The Innocent Prophet: Life of Muhammad from the Point of View of an Ex-Muslim.’ The new film reportedly is made in cooperation with the notorious Quran-burning US pastor Terry Jones.

    It was a few days ago when I was chatting with my friend on Skype from London when he was telling me about this.

    Well, after a short discussion about the film, I asked him what Muslims should do this time around in reaction to this provocation.

    “Let’s defend our religion and our Prophet as much as we can,” he said.

    I took my time with my response, not replying for almost 10 minutes  his message…not that I was busy but I was thinking how best to answer him. After I got the answer, I told him that the best way to react to this Islamophobic films is to shut up our mouth…yes, stay quite. We shouldn’t do anything or issue any press releases condemning it.

    A screen shot pf the film Photo by NationalTurk
    A screen shot pf the film Photo by NationalTurk

    “Lol (Laughing out loud),” he laughed it off…

    I told him that “Look! It will seem like we don’t care about our religion. But you know what? These people want the world to perceive Muslims as robots. It is how they do their propaganda. They know that when they release such films or cartoons other Muslims will react violently, and this will meet their false agenda that Islam is a violent religion.

    After discussing this issue for a while, we found ourselves in the same boat.

    “I agree, it makes Muslims look even worse… they are deliberately inciting us … we should react differently next time. Instead of being angry, we must fight them in the information war,” he said.

    “We should not react [violently], like the Prophet(saw) did not react when the people of Taif attacked him when he was preaching. The Prophet(saw) was given the choice to destroy the people of Taif – but he said No – because he dreamed that one day, the children of the people of Taif will maybe convert to Islam and they did. There is a modern lesson there for us about how to react to incitement,” he continued.

    This is what is needed now because the more we react the more they incite us.

    Anyway, it was just an informal chat.

    I don’t know what do you think? Should we react or remain quite? I’d love to hear your opinions/views below.

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      • @ Dais, thank you very much for joining the debate. But why do you think Islam is being given more attention than other religions such as Bhudaism, Hinduism, etc?

    1. before reacting in anyway we need to resess ourselves.The enemies of islam are attaking our own weakneses.

      During the time of our beloved prophet islamic succeded despite having a countable number of followers.They succeded simply because they were followin the the qur’an and the sunna.

      Today the deen of Allah is full of people who are muslim by names.People are visiting the house of Allah fridays only.,girls are parading nacked infront of their fathers,people have stopped paying zakaat simply because they have lost trust in its hand fisted collectors,muslim leaders are busy scrumbling for various positions not because they want to save the masses but their pockets.we are the ones despising the prophet more than those kufaris.

      Lets deal with the inside enemy first before facing those kufaris.

      • Thank you Ahsan for taking your time to join the debate. I agree with you that there is really a problem within our community which we ought to solve before facing those enemies. We have run away from the sunna of our beloved Prophet (saw). There are many Muslims doing a lot of atrocities in the name of Islam. These are people are tarnishing our image. For example, I understand Islam does not allow suicide but you will see others blowing themselves up. This is unislamic.

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