No Controversy on Day of Arafah in Malawi as Eid ul Adhuha Prayers take place Tomorrow


    Muslims in Malawi are today (the day of Arafah ) fasting which according to the holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) has many blessings for those people who have not gone to Saudi Arabia for hajj prayers.

    Last year controversy erupted when well renowned sheikhs differed on the day, which led Muslims to pray Eid on different days.

    However, this year there will not be a repeat of such incident as the National Ruyatul Hilaal has already announced that Eid prayers will be observed on Sunday hence Saturday being day of Arafah.

    Soon after the prayers, Muslims are expected to slaughter animals as prophet Ibrahim did in slaughtering an animal offered to him by Allah instead of his beloved son Ishmael when commanded to do so.

    Muslims are encouraged to share the meat with the needy during the festival, which last for three days.

    Abdul Razaak Evance,a Blantyre resident has meanwhile urged Islamic organizations who will slaughter animals to consider Muslims in rural areas.

    ‘’ We need to reach out to those brothers and sisters in remote areas since this is the time to show our love and feast,’’ said Evance who is also the chairperson for Blantyre Radio Islam listeners Association.

    Atleast 80 percent of Malawians live in rural areas in a country which is one of the poorest in the world.

    He also said there is a need to reach out to those areas where huge number of people have embraced Islam such as Thambani in Mwanza and Ndakwera in Chikwawa.

    Malawi Muslims Official Website has since wished all Muslims in the country and around world a happy Eid Adhuha.