Ntcheu Sheikhs Form Majlis Ulama Committee


    Muslim Sheikhs (leaders) in Ntcheu district have formed Majlis Ulama (Council of Muslim Scholars) committee for the district.

    The leaders have also formed a Nikkah Committee to be running all Nikkah affairs and other functions in district.

    Muslim association of malawi(MAM) Deputy Region Secretary (Central) Ibrahim Twaibu hailed the turn out of the meeting on 29th December , 2019 at Ntcheu Main Mosque.

    “All sheikhs who were invited to attend the meeting were present and all the agendas were passed,” Twaibu said.

    He said the Sheikhs also took this opportunity to express their requests to MAM and well wishers.

    “The Sheikhs requested well-wishers to provide them with food because they have inadequate food because of hunger due to uncertain rainfall in the district,”

    “The sheikhs continued to plead for Islamic loans. They are asking the Islamic organisations to introduce loans without interest, so that they can have a capital to start small businesses”.

    The committees were selected according to the zones. The committee selected were;
    Ntcheu zone
    Sheikh kazembe
    Sheikh chibaya
    Sheikh Mpulula

    Chikande zone
    Sheikh Abubakar ommar
    Sheikh william Layiton
    Ibrahim cassim
    Sheikh kison Lapoka
    Sheikh Jafar kandulu

    Balaka market zone
    Sheikh Kaisi
    Sheikh Idrissa
    Sheikh Abubakar

    Ntonda zone
    Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan
    Sheikh Abdulrazak
    Sheikh Mussa Rashid

    Kasinje zone
    Sheikh Umar
    Sheikh Mwanyali
    Sheikh Ahmad Piyasi
    Sheikh Suwedi Koloko
    Sheikh Abdussalaam square.

    All the sheikh selected and those who were not selected were happy.They requested that the meeting should be happening every year for the Sheikhs to be expressing their problems to the right people.