Opinion: Chakwera Must Use Praises to Develop Malawi


Praises that have canopied Malawi President Dr.Lazarus Chakwera will help him to take the country forward or let it continue swimming in poverty and keep dreaming of economic boom.

Since winning the Court Ordered 23 rd June, 2020 Fresh Presidential Polls, various influential people in political and business spheres within and outside the country have been hailing Dr Chakwera saying he is the right person to govern the country.

According to “Tonse Alliance” manifesto, Chakwera may be dubbed as the “Answer” of the hopeless Malawians who were jealously eyeing to embrace the new dawn.

Dr. Chakwera’s religious background helped him to win the hearts of many people within our borders and outside the country. Most people assume that clergymen use scriptures to spiritually lead the mankind. I don’t know either the assumption is true or false but based on traits of the 21st century malawians, constitutionalism and economic growth define the competence of the president.

Dr. Lazarus Chakwera should use the praises thrown on his nose to pull up his socks and make Malawi both an agrarian and industrial nation. Chakwera’s fluency in both “Chichewa” and English languages spice up his brilliance. He is a man who speaks both languages as his mother (native) languages. A great man and flamboyant orator.

Mr President, I am sure you and Vice President Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima are willing to develop the country and I am sure that you are working day in and day out to redirect Malawi to the new and promising direction. Mr President, I am very sure that you are determined to drag out Malawi from the miserable poverty vacuum that past Governments failed to bail it out.

I know that Mr President will never go on the podium and blame others for the stunted economic growth of your Government as Malawians believe that you are not a pessimist. I am sure you will use the rags left by former Governments to lubricate Malawi’s economic engine.

Mr President, sometimes praises make people loose direction and start making suspicious decisions that may not align with promise of your “Tonse Alliance Government.” Some people assume praises as success but with running Government, it is quite different.

Two days ago , you went to our dearest neighboring country, Zambia. That was a great move because Zambia and Malawi are identical twin brothers. The two countries have several traits in common such as language and culture among others.

Mr President, I liked how you reached at the point of selecting Zambia as the first country to visit since elected the 6th President of the Great Republic of Malawi. That was a splendid decision and let me clap hands for President of Zambia Edgar for the amazing reception he offered you and your entourage.

Mr President, let me slide back to the praises that several people are painting you with. It’s amazing that today while having bilateral talks with President Lungu, Opposition Leader in Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema made it clear that Africa needs statesmen like you.

The praise justifies how lucky Malawi is to have you as its leader. Imagine, African leaders are asked to emulate you and I am sure that they will supposed to emulate you on how you will spearhead the social- economic growth of the “Warm Heart of Africa.”

I wish you well Mr President as you are ready to take Malawi to a less dependent nation with the positive Balance of Payment (BOP), managed Inflation or hyperinflation and low levels of unemployment among others.