Opinion: Is ICC Fair on African Leaders?


The World has over the past decades filled with conflicts all over. Soon after the end of first and second World wars many countries thought it was the beginning of a new chapter, a chapter of peace and reconciliation but many countries found themselves in new conflicts because of social, political and cultural problems.

There has been many genocides and massacre of innocent people by the warring parties across the globe where no one has been charged with war crimes except t African leaders.

For Instance there was a war in Kosovo where thousands of people died, there is the oldest war between the Israel’s and the Palestinians where thousands of people have lost their lives mainly Palestinians but no one from these areas have been charged of war crimes.

There are wars that are being going on in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Ukraine where some of the World powers are involved and so many innocent people have and continue to be slaughtered yet no issue of warrant of arrest has been made by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Many African leaders have accused the ICC of only targeting them and being used as a monopoly of the West to track down the African leaders who refuses to become the puppets of the west.

The World leaders that have been charged with war crimes are mainly from Africa like the former Liberian President Charles Tailor; Sudanese Omar Bashkir is facing warrant of arrest by the ICC because of the war in Darfur.

Congolese former rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda known as the terminator is also facing the same charges at the ICC and the Ugandan rebel leader General Kony was issued warrant of arrest by the ICC because of killing innocent civilians both in Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and other neighboring countries.

Though it may be true that some of the leaders mentioned may have committed the crimes in question but there are some leaders beyond Africa who also may have committed the same crimes but why is the ICC putting a blind eye on them?

There are many conflicts around the globe where many leaders are directly or indirectly involved where the ICC can also focus on than Africans only.