Libya: Out of Frying Pan into Fire



OK, it has been days since you ‘freedom fighters’ have killed  Qaddafi. If you ask me about how I feel about his death then I have to be frank with you that I share the same views like of those of one of the students of knowledge, Sheikh Yassir Qadhi.

“How do I feel? All of my Libyan friends and people of knowledge are happy that he is gone. I trust their judgement. His death marks an end of an era and a beginning of a new one. The challenges ahead for Libyan people are just beginning- May Allah help them at their time of need,” Sheikh Yassir wrote on facebook. He pointed further that: “his ‘Islam’ itself was in question because of numerous statements that he made about Quran and our Prophet (SAW). While am not calling him a non-Muslim,many, many of our scholars did infact did just that. As for me I always take to err on side of caution in these matters and prefer to remain silent.”

I concur with Sheikh Yassir Qadhi. However,as a concerned Muslim, I think I have the right to ask some simple questions and set down some few personal ideas here.  I mean, why were you fighting? Is it that you were fighting for freedom? Or were you fighting for power? No, I think the second question doesn’t count, because they told us through different news channels that you were fighting for your ‘freedom’.

Well,… then I guess you were fighting for your ‘freedom’. But what kind of freedom did (are) you plan (ning) to have?I mean is it the kind of freedom that is defined by western democracy or that which fits within the Islamic boundaries? If your answer is in favour of the ‘freedom’  defined by the western democracy then I am sorry, I will have to be a little loquacious in this article. Because I fail to understand how you can possibly favour the ‘freedom’ that is purposely built to erase Islam off the face of the Earth. How can you entirely adopt the ‘freedom’ cooked in western democratic system. The system that has almost no sense when it comes to massacring our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen… et cetera. How can you entertain the ‘freedom’ from this western ‘democratic system’ that is tirelessly invading Muslim lands one-by-one in the name of bringing democracy while supporting other rulers in Muslim lands whom from their (western governments’) definition(s)  of democracy they undoubtedly fall under the terms ‘dictators’, ‘murderers’, ‘devils’… ?

Professor Richard Falk who is currently serving his fourth year of a six-year term as a United Nations special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights puts it well in his article and says:

Some doubts already existed about the selectivity of the Libyan application of the norm, especially given the failure to lift a UN finger on behalf of the beleaguered civilian population of Gaza, long suffering the ordeal of the long and punitive Israeli blockade. But beyond this geopolitically delimited contour of double standards is the sense that in Libya responsibility to protect was transformed into an opportunity to oust!” and I agree with him.

Pardon my ignorance but if it’s true that you were fighting for your  ‘freedom’ then how come you sought help from the same people who before the chaos had struck a deal and sold weapons to the same ‘dictator’-Muammar Qaddafi? Is that not crazy? Please do not assume that I am a loose cannon here. I am just one of many other concerned inhabitants   on Earth who may be in need of some schooling on the ongoing pandemonium in the Muslim lands.

Even Hamid Dabashi a Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University in New York wonders by saying:

The man was a relic, a frightful echo from a past, a monster not entirely of his own making. Heads of state, who in some cases enabled the dictator, are now rejoicing in his downfall,” and then he says :

Obama’s administration still has to answer for the American weapons sold to Gaddafi when he was in power. There are even darker tyrannies in Bahrain and Yemen that Obama helps keeping in power.

He continues by saying that NATO just destroyed the weapons that Europe and the US had sold Gaddafi’s regime. What a good observation there!

Am not cheering this professor just because I agree with his observation, NO! But because he systematically and logically connects his ideas with the reality on the ground.

Uh…What was that question again? Aha I found it. I was asking about  the kind of freedom you were seeking, whether defined by western democracy or that which fits within the Islamic boundaries. Yes… may be you were seeking the freedom which fits within the Islamic boundaries. 

Then again I have to admit that from Islamic point of view, it’s prohibited to seek help (mainly militarily) from Kuffar (disbelievers). Which means you can not fight for the cause of Islam along side the Kuffar. I already explained it’s prohibition on this very site ( by quoting the fatwa (Islamic explanation) of Sheikh Naasir-ul-deen Albaani in the article entitled The Ruling on Seeking Help From Kuffar (Disbelievers).

My opposition to the method used  by you, NTC fighters, does not mean that you should continue with western democracy, No! Rather you must continue and fight hard for Islamic Law. And I implore the  NTC leaders to hastily educate those fighters who are in their salad days. To educate them about the importance of  Islamic Law. Teach them the horrible consequences of  impetuous adoption of ‘democracy’ or ‘freedom’ defined by western masters.

I remember reading an article on Al jazeera in which Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the leader of the NTC was quoted saying: “We as a Muslim nation have taken Islamic sharia as the source of legislation, therefore any law that contradicts the principles of Islam is legally nullified.”

This statement wowed me at first, but then I started asking myself about the objectives of NATO. All by sudden things were continuously  popping into my mind.I thought about the ‘peaceful democracy’ and  ‘freedoms’ that NATO has brought in Afghanistan, Iraq etc. I wanted to laugh by myself… but no! The matter was too serious for me to pass those stupid giggles through my neck.

I almost choked when I thought of how ‘good America’ is ‘protecting’ civilians in Yemen. Of course I can’t forget how easily children,women, and old people can be killed in Yemen,Afghanistan or Pakistan as long as they happen to move in the same road through which the long-bearded men move. I remembered how America and the Europe hate Islamic Sharia for they consider it totally  undemocratic. Indeed these are the masters that helped the downfall of Qaddafi.

Yes. All these thoughts made it impossible for me to connect Mustafa Abdel Jalil’s declaration that he would use Islamic Law to the reality.

Will the masters allow an Islamic state to be born out of their work? Or Will it not be like Out of the Frying pan into the Fire?

Only Allah knows.