Over 850 people Convert to Islam in 10 Months


    More than 850 people in the country have converted to Islamic religion in the year of 2015-Malawi Muslims website has established.

    President of Dawah Association of Malawi Sheikh Ali Abdul has disclosed this in an exclusive interview saying it’s for the first time in the history of Dawah to register this figure in just one year.

    “This year has been great to us as Dawah Association of Malawi.We have been doing this work for many years but this is our first time to produce this statistics of those people who have joined Islam through Dawah,” saidSheikh Abdul.

    He said people in the country are now understanding about Islamic religion claiming that conducting Dawah has been an eye opener to them.

    “People across the country are now appreciating what Islamic religion isall about. We have been conducting Dawah in all the regions and the South has produced more fruits followed by the Northern and Central region, this means that Islam is now everywhere in the country,” said the President.

    Sheikh Abdul further conveyed his gratitude to other organizations who provide education to these people to become the true Muslims.

    “We are trying to convert them to be Muslims but you know for one to be a true Muslim, it needs education. Let me thank Albarakah Charity Trust for its support for offering education to these people in its education facilities; Kameza and Zomba Development Education Centre (ZODEC),”

    “On top of that, there is Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) and Al-Nissa which are also constructing Mosques to these areas,” he said.

    However the president said they have also faced a lot of challenges in terms of finance since they need to travel in different destinations.

    “It was not easy for us to come up with these results. We have faced a lot of challenges especially transport and we are asking the well wishers to come in as we are going towards 2016. We are anticipating more converts next year and our mission is to attain over 80% of Muslims in Malawi’s population by 2020,” he concluded.


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