‘Political Mufti’ Bakili Muluzi Asks Malawian Muslims Not to Blame Govt on Their Low Presentation

Muluzi – Don’t Blame the Gvt

Former President of the Republic of Malawi Dr Bakili Muluzi has asked Muslims in the country to stop blaming the government for not including them in some key positions.

Muluzi made the remarks during this year’s Iftaar Program organised by Islamic Concern in Blantyre.

The function, which was held at Iqra Islamic Propagation Centre under the theme ‘Active Participation in National Development’ saw several prominent Muslim leaders bemoaning their low level representation in government.

“Since time immemorial, Muslims in the country have been treated as second class citizens. Our representation in government is too low which makes difficult for us to share the cake like our friends of other faiths yet we pay tax. We don’t have people who can advise the government on the plight of  Muslims in the country.

“However, it is important for us Muslims to ask ourselves why this is like that – where do we go wrong? Because we may blame the government while the problem is within ourselves. If we are not united and protest against this discrimination then definitely we will still continue to suffer,” said one prominent Muslim leader Hassan Nkata.

However, in response to the call, the former President told the gathering that Muslims should first find out the root cause of the problem before taking the government to task.

“We need to have adequate qualifications for us to be considered in government’s position. We need people with PHDs, Masters, etc because government cannot just appoint you for the sake of pleasure – you need proper credentials for you to be considered,” he said.

The ‘Political Mufti,’ Muluzi therefore called upon Muslims in the country to unite if they are to achieve their dreams. He said Muslims cannot fully participate in the national development if they are busy pulling each other down.

“Let all Islamic organisations come together and work towards the common goal. Our leaders should not be the source of divisions in our community because if we remain muddled as we are now, government or other people will take advantage of our ineptitude. The other problem is that there are other greedy sheikhs who connive with other politicians in order to divide the Muslims in the country – which is bad. How can we move forward?” lamented Muluzi.

Some of the Muslims who attended the function

The former President asked Muslims to follow his example by being courageous. He said for the first time in Malawi a Muslim challenged Dr Kamuzu Banda, the founder and father of Malawi who was the most feared person.

“In 1992-1993, me and my colleagues stood  up to fight against one party system in Malawi and everybody here knows that Kamuzu was not an ordinary man but I challenged him and brought multiparty system in the country, so, why not you?” he said, adding that this can be achieved only if Muslims are united, speaking with one voice.

Muluzi then went on to thank God, for getting rid of the (DPP) government that believed in oppressing  its citizens for no apparent reasons.


  1. What Muluzi said is very correct.I think our Muslim brother who usually visit this website news they can very well recall that similar issues were tackled in "opinion" write-up entitled should Ijtimah continue? we openly said No food for lazy man! if we need to be included lets participate and of course we need to have qualifications. Range of issues concerning national interest i.e Oil exploration in Lake Malawi/Tanzania threat to attack Malawi etc. Muslim NGOs never said anything on such issues but the Cathoric and churches voiced their views on Oil exploration ndiye mumati tifanane nawo chonchi?they contribute hence rewarded.Lets change, we can see the change!

  2. Am 100% agree with what the former president Dr muluzi said.we can not fully participate in national development if we muslims are busy pulling each other down.Let us change our mind set and start thinking that we can do more.

  3. The former president,Bakili Muluzi is right in calling the muslims to further their education both in religious and circular.Muslims can only participate in the affairs of the nation if they are able to articulate issues well.otherwise it doesnt make any sense to appoint someone into public office just because he/she is a muslim. We need people who understand political and economic issues. People who can interprete the economic language into a layman's language.Thats what made muslims to be Mathematicians like Muhammad Al Jibril (Algebra). Musa ibn Mbique (founder of Mocambique).Muslims in Malawi especially Yaos are still looked at as very primitive people. Why? Is because we the Yaos like charning circular education.as a result, the majority yaos are first graders in circular education. Atleast now, we are making progress. we now have Muslim Yaos with doctorates, Masters and many more qualifications.This is a way to go.

  4. we will always talk of history and never be motivated by past expreiences,but a wise man will not utter a word before taking a close look in to a smoke that has caused fire burning,up to date the enhancement of muslim educational backbone in the country is zero,all what we have is giving a malawian muslim student a secondary and an undergraduating box of peanut,where are masters and phds scholarships that my big brothers in vips benefited from? was it particularised for that generation? how many muslims acquired masters or phds since then?does the muslim association of malawi plan any vissionary structure of what a muslim ummah would malawi have at a so so period of time? or are our leaders failures? nothing tangible that can be pointed out done by the muslim leaderships within an islamic arena itself and yet we are talking of government representation. lets call a spade a spade and never dugger an elephant's shadow leaving an elephan itself. thank you Dr Muluzi that you have now talked i think our muslim leaders need a special civic education. Allah bless those who try their best

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