Press Release: MAM Condemns Anti-Islam Film And Cartoons

The Muslim Association of Malawi would like to condemn, in the strongest term, the film that was produced in the United States of America against Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and Islam.

Muhammad peace be upon him is sacred to us for his prophet-hood and the message of peace he brought to us from Allah the almighty. He always preached peace and urged his followers to peacefully co-exist with fellow brothers and sisters of other religions. He never accepted his followers, whether in public and private, to insult or mock at the followers of other religions or their religions and their gods and Prophets. A man of such caliber does not deserve mockery and insults of any type from whosoever. The fact that some people live under their laws, should not be license for them to attack and insult others: principles, beliefs and laws will not always be same.

Muslims all over the world believe in the freedom of speech but not without limits and responsibility. Freedom of Speech should be exercised with respect for all religions for the sake of peace and harmony.

Sincere followers of true religions should be the pioneers and champions of peace and harmony. Political leaders and others should always be committed to safeguard and maintain equilibrium in pursuit of human rights. For, it cannot be freedom of another that violates the rights of another. Thus denigrating and defaming the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him will not but stoke hatred among people elsewhere. Likewise, Muslims united they are, will always stand against anyone who will insult any Prophet of Allah including Jesus peace be upon him.

The Muslim Association of Malawi would therefore like to condemn against the anti-Islam movie produced in the United States of America, cartoons published by a French Magazine against Prophet Muhammad, and anything that would bring anarchy, chaos and hatred among human beings.

Those responsible for breaching peace should be dealt with in a manner that is recommendable in law and spirit. On the other hand, the Muslim Association of Malawi does not condone any violence ensued as a result of anger over the anti-Islam activities; nor does it order for any such violent demonstrations to take place.

We, in this regard, send our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of the former US Ambassador to Libya and his members of staff who were killed during demonstrations in Libya and all those Muslims who died as a result of such demonstrations out of love for our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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