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Brother Ramadhan Issah Milanzie a Malawian Muslim, would like to inform all Muslims in Malawi and around the world that they have launched second Malawian Muslims called MALAWI UMMAH that can be accessed by login into

The aims and goals of the website is that of any Muslim Website as all aims at giving Malawian and world Muslim community with the accurate information about our beautiful religion of Islam so that it should assist them in this life and the hereafter.

The website features articles about Islamic personalities, culture, Sermons, news and many other important stuff.

Please let us support this brother by sending articles and other information so that the goals should be achieved inshallah.

For more information please contact:

Wassalam Alaikum


  1. All praise is due to Allah the Lord of the univers peace and blessings of Allh go to the last Prophet Muhammad His family members,His companions and all those who follow Him up to the day of resurraction. To as follows: Let me first send my sincere congratulations to the entire Muslim ummah in general and Malawi Muslim community in particular for this dream come true. Really this is a ngreat achievement we as Malawi Muslaim community should be proud of. If truth be tald, there is people who are having sleepless day and night searching ways how they can help spreading message of this beutiful religion (Islam) to the mankind seeking nothing monly the counenance of Allah, may the Almighty reward you in ibundant for this tiresome task. Just few days we witnessed the official lounch of another Islamic web site ( are now in front of another reality of lounching a sister website to ( these are really great achievements done by these two young Muslaim brothers who are really committed to servr the Islam. My dear brothers/sisters the world has changed we are now in the era of information explosion, the world has been digitized and we hear of these information communication technologies (ITCs)so lets take the advantage of these developments to save our own goals of spreading the beutiful message of peace (Islam)to the mankind. I know and do believe that mthere is a quit big number of talented young Malawian Muslims in different fields of knowladge, all what I ask these talents is to come forward and disply what they have rather than just keeping them untill they caught rust,never undermine what you possess from knowladge,if you need a physical example we have these two young brothers (Marshall Dyton and Ramadhan Issah) as our good examlpes. I urge myself and others out there to come forward and help these two web sites with any kind of assisstance so that the may fulfill their goals of serving the Ummah inshaallah.

      • Brother what you should always know is that people will never have a uniform opinion towards your project. The most important thing here is your inteention, as the Ppophet said in one of his Ahadith that each and every job is rewarded according to its intention, so if your intention here is to get rich then you will be rewarded according to this inntention, and if your intention is to save the Muslim community Allah will reward you according to this intention dispite of what people will say because no one knows what is in your hear, its between you and your Lord. I once again here ask Allah to soften your way inshaallah.

  2. I am indebted to brother Marshall for squeezing the space in this notable website, only to put this notification of the newly launched website.

    Just to add footnotes to what my brother has written; Islamic websites are generally created for one analogous aspiration; spreading the message of Islam. Islam will never be adapted the way other religions are.

    Following one of the Hadiths where the Prophet (pbuh) mentioned that "Islam began strange, and it shall return strange, so give glad tidings to the strangers.", we, malawimuslim and malawiummah.coms as well as those who are planning to enhance this progress by building some more sites, quoted what the Teacher of the Ummah said in the explanation of the above hadith "…hardly anyone would know the truth except for a small number, and hardly anyone will act upon the religion as it was supposed to be acted

    upon, and these people who act upon the truth as it is to be acted upon are the strangers". So our regular aim here is to remind the Ummah, not only of Malawi, but also the whole world, so that when the day comes, we should not be called among those who went astray while they were seeing the right path.

    So brothers and sisters, you are welcome to share with us whatever you have, whatever you do and put forward what you wish we can do for you.

    I pray Allah to make us a successful Ummah through His Holy Book, the teachings of the Prophet (saw) and his companions and other righteous men and women.

  3. All praise be to Almighty Allah for blessing us with this is indeed a great achievement for a small country like Malawi to join the world of ICT in terms of the Muslims usage of this innovation in the spreading of the message of Islam.congratulations indeed to both sites and wishing them greater success in their goals of spreading this great message.just a suggestion,I believe there are alot of initiatives in schools to introduce computer lessons and to some extent connecting schools. it will be a good idea to visit schools and explain to them about this new Islamic innovations. that way the youth will be encouraged to visit these sites InshaAllah

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