Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi Asks DPP leadership to bring Paipi to order.

Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM) has strongly condemned the Islamophobic remarks made by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) eastern region Governor Julius Paipi and has since asked DPP leadership to bring Paipi to order.

At a political rally in Makanjira, Mangochi district Paipi made sensitive sentiments, saying electing a Muslim in next year’s elections is a big mistake becuase Muslims are warmongers.

In an interview with Radio Islam, which this website monitored, QMAM’s publicity Secretary Sheikh Jafar Kawinga said is sad to note that the whole regional governor can say that in a democratic Malawi.

“Paipi violated Malawi constitution hence should be punished accordingly,”sheikh Kawinga told Radio Islam.

Kawinga said Malawi has enjoyed co-existence over the years therefore it is sad for some misguided political leaders to mislead the nation.

Immediately after the media reported Mr Paipi’s despicable utterances, DPP Mangochi Campaign Director, Mr Wellington Mangulenje resigned from his position.



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  1. Bwanakaka says:

    He even has the nerve to speak ill (spark tension) of Islam & Muslims in Makanjira, the traditional nerve centre of the religion in Malawi.

    …and going by the name “Paipi” the guy is most likely a bonafide easterner, old enough to remember that; the first democratic Malawi’s president was a very proud Muslim and democrat of note, who -at the helm of State & Government- championed and firmly planted the pillars of democracy, tribal-coexistence and religious tolerance in the country.

    For the sake of national unity, it is fair to suggest; the inept, insensitive and knucklehead minds of the likes of Paipi be politically kept in check, bound to short leashes.

    It is to every patriot’s advantage that; such politically immature/incapacitated folks are publicly named, shamed and banished from politics – altogether!

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