QMAM Chides Abortion Bill: Warns its Vice Chairman to Stop abusing QMAM name


The Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM) says it does not support the abortion bill as said by its Vice Chairman Sheikh Umar Jimu Sulaimana.

The association has also warned QMAM Ulama Council Vice Chairman Sheikh Umar Jimu Sulaimana to stop abusing the name of the association.

In a statement issued, QMAM Board of Trustees , QMAM Ulama Council of Malawi and Executives have refuted the allegations that the grouping supports the bill as reported by some media houses.

According to the grouping, it is wrong for the association to endorse the bill saying that Islam prohibits the practice.

“QMAM Board of Trustees , QMAM Ulama Council and Executives are appalled by the statements and wishes to categorically distance itself from them. QMAM reiterates that it remains committed to the position stated by the Qadria Ulama Council of Malawi in its statements,”

“Abortion remains a major sin which one should repent from and seek Allah’s forgiveness. Allah Almighty says in the Qur’an ‘ And do not kill the soul whom Allah has forbidden except by right (Al-Isra’a – Verse 33), ” reads a statement.

QMAM reminds Malawians that they are here today because their mothers chose to save life despite having difficulties in pregnancy.

“They stood firm in their faith and trusted Allah . Abortion remains prohibited in Islam and no statement from any source shall change this position,”

“We would like to therefore inform the general public that all press releases from QMAM are signed off by the Chairman and or Secretary General and or the Publicity Secretary,” reads a statement.

QMAM has warned anyone who is using its name unlawfully.

“QMAM would not tolerate any unlawful use of its name. We caution individuals and organisations to refrain from attaching their personal opinions to the position of our organisation,”

“We further urge the public that any other statements purported to be made by QMAM must be verified through the Publicity Secretary or the Secretariat before they are published,” reads a statement.

Recently, QMAM Ulama Council Vice Chairman Sheikh Umar Jimu Sulaimana said QMAM Ulama Council endorsed the Abortion Bill without consulting other QMAM Executive Members.