QMAM Snubs Its Vice Chairman on “Abortion Remarks”


The Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM) Ulama Council says the remarks made by its Vice Chairman Sheikh Umar Jimu Sulaimana that Islam allows abortion are his not for the association.

QMAM Ulama Council Chairman Sheikh Jafar Ibadi says Islam prohibits abortion and there is no way QMAM can endorse the controversial bill.

Sheikh Ibadi says the sentiments made by the QMAM Ulama Council Vice Chairman were his stand on the abortion bill since he is not the spokesperson for the association.

“Islam prohibits abortion and there is no way that QMAM Ulama Council can go against the Islamic teachings,”

“The QMAM Ulama Council Vice Chairman said the remarks on his own not as the leader of the association. We have a Spokesperson who speaks for the association, ” QMAM Ulama Council Chairman Sheikh Jafar Ibadi says.

Sheikh Ibadi says QMAM Ulama Council has a structure and no any senior official of the association can just wake up and speak for the association without consulting other senior members.

“I was surprised to read the story in the media houses because I know that we first have to meet before giving out any information,” Sheikh Jafar Ibadi says.

QMAM Ulama Council Chairman says the abortion bill has several issues that go against Islam and the association can’t endorse it.

“The bill says even girls who are schooling must abort once they are pregnant to continue with their studies. Islam prohibits that hence our stand to be against the bill,” he says.

QMAM Ulama Council Executive has stated in several occasions and forums that it does not support proponents of abortion bill.