Radio Islam Stops Airing List of MAM’s New Ijtmah Committee Members

    Yusuf Chinyada (Left): We did not want to create confusion to our listeners

    Radio Islam has indefinitely stopped airing members of Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM)’s new ijtmah committee due to misunderstandings.

    Last week, MAM elected a new committee to be responsible for organising this year’s ijtmah and the list of the new members was sent to Radio Islam to be aired.

    However, few days down the line another grouping led by Mussa Chimbede and Omar Ndeketa (both former MAM’s employees) also went there with names of another committee they set, thrashing MAM’s committee in the process saying it was illegal.

    The grouping claims that Ijtmah committee is supposed to be independent as such theirs is legal, as it comprises of members of different Islamic organisations hence the reason for thrashing MAM’s new Ijtmah committee.

    However, in light of the events the management of Radio Islam decided to indefinitely stop airing announcements from both camps.

    “We did not want to create confusion to our listeners. They should sit down to negotiate and agree on the matter otherwise we are not going to air both announcements,” Yusuf Chinyada, Head of Programs at the station told Malawi Muslims Official Website on Friday.


    1. it's the same story always.rebellion! now before i comment, firstly can you please tell us, the actual rules that govern the ijtma?
      secondly, i believe that the leadership of MAM is chosen by all forms of Muslim Organisations in Malawi.consequently i expect MAM to be responsible on the issue, if i am not aware of the rules.i say this because the other committee states that it is representative of organisations hence legal.But is that the rule that govern ijtima?i mean is it the one that has followed the rules properly?if not, then this is rebellion.How far can we go with such mentalities?let the MAM Leadership have some powers to do things so that we should be able to judge it properly in the next elections.why take the law in our own hands?i know MAM failed last year because people didnt contribute, mainly because the late president had promised huge sums.when he didnt  settle the bills, the event floped.if you have the money, just contribute and late the event happen.but it seems that some people are intent to bypass dont put MAM on the same level with everyone who comes up with an organisation.MAM is the only representative organisation in Malawi.and during elections, you will see all these said organisations coming to cast their votes.meaning, they will come to agree that the only rightly representative organisation is MAM.
      Please stop rebelling!
      Now we are forcing MAM to be at the feet of every rebel!

    2. Mukufuna Inkwacha eti.Yomwe muzisongetsa mwamwenye eti, koma bwinotu tilipo sitikusiyana,tikakutengetsanim musati tikukuyalutsina .Apa mukuziyamba nokha dala.Mam is main bungwe responsible for these issues.If you want position plenty at Muslim Forum for Democracry and Peace(MUSFORD PEACE) just Apply now before it is too late.Osati kumangokangana za njee.Work muslims.We need a formidable grouping not weak.

    3. I feel humbled to belong to Islam as my religion, but I become angry when I hear all these quarrelling while our friends or enemies are busy contributing to the development of their followers such as building hospitals, Secondary schools, building Universities. Please chonde use that energy for changing the life of moslems in education, agriculture and health areas. Lost opportunities are difficult to recover. 

    4. Inetu ndikuti: Amenewo nde Asilamu aku Malawi omwe ndimawadziwa ineyo. Their charecteristics is to create infights among themselves hence the dwindling of Islamic Developments in our country Malawi. Keep on fighting on your own, you are the Malawi’s top Qurishes.

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