Ramadan Mubarak From Malawi Muslims Website


    We thank God that we have yet again been bestowed with the gift of seeing another year come to a close and the dawn of a new Ramadan because some have failed to see this month of incredible value due to different problems.

    Muslims consider this month as vital and special because of its direct link with the Holy book of Qur’an, as we all know that one gains respect and value to ones connections and relations.

    A simple example for this is when two bricks which are of the same quality and price are placed in different places. The first is used in the construction of a toilet while the other forms part of a mosque wall. It is obvious that the brick which has been used to construct mosque wall will be more valued.

    Allah made fasting to be obligatory on all Muslims as he affectionately addresses us in the following verse:

    O you who believe, fasting has been ordained for you just as it was ordained for those before you, so you may become pious” (Surah Baqarah verse 183)

    The above verse Allah also consoles us by informing us that fasting was also obligatory on those before us – it was there during the time of Moses and even Jesus Christ (May peace be upon them). This removes any misgivings and doubts that fasting has been made compulsory on Muslims as a punishment.

    It is then clearly mentioned that the object of fasting is to attain Taqwa (faith). Thus by fasting one is able to abstain from sins and draw closer to Allah.

    May Allah grant us all the ability to spend our Ramadan correctly and let the spirit of Ramadan last throughout the year.


    1. Subhaan Allah!!! May Allah bless all of us with achieving the goals and inspiration of this Blessed month with Sincerety and Goodwill to all People!!!

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