Registration For This Year’s Hajj Trip in Progress



One of the giant travel agents for Hajj and Umrah Al-Manasik Travel and Tours  in Malawi says registration for this year’s Hajj trip to the beautiful city of Makah in Saudi Arabia is currently underway.

Sheikh Aman Matiya Director for the organisation disclosed this to Malawi Muslims Official Website in an exclusive interview.

He said some people have already started registering and he expects the figure to rise up to 60, which indicates that many people have keen interest in attending this year’s Hajj prayers.

“People should expect a historical hajj trip this year. Unlike the past, where people were complaining about food and accommodation, this year’s trip will be exceptional. We have already made arrangements for meals and identified nice Hotels for people who will go with us this year. All these, at a reasonable package,” he said.

Matiya added that his organisation has learned from the past experience when they were having problems of accommodation and meals.

Last year, other people complained that the organisation did not give them the good customer service they expected – claiming that they were not given good accommodation the thing the director attribute to the financial constraints.

“You know, we learn from mistakes. They say if you have never made a mistake, then you have never tried anything new. So, we have learnt a lot from the past trips and we are assuring Muslims that those problems have now been solved. In fact, this happened because of the financial problems that rocked our country – issues like shortage of forex which affected everyone including us,” added Matiya.

He therefore advised those who are interested to contact them on +265888890241 or +265999890241 or email to /

Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam. It is an imperative duty for all Muslims who have resources and it is done during the month of dhul hijjah every year.

The Al-Manasik Travel and Tours started in 2005 with 32 people. Gradually, the number has been increasing annually due to the good customer service and reasonable packages the organizations have been offering to the people of Malawi as well outside.

By Robert Kumwenda, Official Correspondent