Revealed: Mangochi Muslims to Grill MAM Chair Over Camera Saga At 2013 Ijitmah

    MAM Chairman: Under Pressure
    MAM Chairman: Under Pressure

    As the countdown continues to this year’s Muslim men Ijitima, which is scheduled to be held in Salima, some Muslims in Mangochi have teamed up in order to grill Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad citing his failure to help in resolving the issue of television camera, Malawi Muslims website can reveal.

    The grouping is discontented with Sheikh Muhammad’s silence over the matter which it claims him, as a leader was supposed to play a critical role.

    Muslims few weeks ago confiscated a television camera belonging to Malawi Broadcasting Corporation because the TV crew did not ask permission to capture footage of Muslims performing salaat at Mangochi sub Mosque.

    They said they would release the camera only if they receive apology from MAM officials because the cameraman claimed that he was sent by the Muslims’ mother body.

    But MAM didn’t apologize saying it had no knowledge on the issue.

    The wrangle ended when Minister of Information Moses Kunkuyu met the Muslims who made an apology on behalf of the media house and government.

    An inside source has confided to this website that the grouping suspects that the chairman’s silence on the issue was due to his support to the current government eventually forgetting his role as A Muslim leader.

    Surprisingly, during the meeting with the minister there was MAM’s district chair for Mangochi Sheikh Adam Imran who was also the leader of the delegation.

    In a related development, reports reaching this website also indicate that some Muslims in Zomba have teamed up to question MAM on the past ijtmas’ resolutions.

    A well placed source who opted for anonymity said the grouping is unhappy with failure of MAM in taking a leading role towards the implementation of the resolutions.

    According to their strategy, the “concerned” Muslims will seek for MAM’s explanation before any deliberation at the official opening of the Ijtmah.

    Some of the resolutions which haven’t been implemented according to the grouping are establishment of Islamic University and Islamic Hospital.

    In fact, this website has found that the resolutions haven’t been implemented due to financial constraints rocking the Muslims’ mother body.

    And in an effort to mobilize funds, MAM asked every Muslim to be contributing one Kwacha per month towards the project.

    However, in a sad development no single Muslim showed interest in the initiative.

     This year’s Ijtmah starts on Friday and end on Sunday September 29.


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