Ruyat-ul-Hilaal says Muslims in Malawi Will Celebrate Eid Tomorrow

    Sheikh Dinaar Chabulika: We got contradictory reports

    National Ruyatul Hilaal has announced that Muslims across Malawi will celebrate Eid ul-Fitr tomorrow.

    According the Spokesperson of the organisation, Sheikh Dinaar Chabulika said this has been so because the new moon was not sighted, completing the full month of Ramadan (30 days). He says had the moon been spotted yesterday, the Muslim community would have observed the prayers today and share their food with poorer communities.

     “I actually, we received reports that some saw the moon but when we tried to verify as we normally do, we found that we are getting different reports from the same area. So, as a matter of unity, we have chosen to have one Eid which will take place tomorrow in-shaAllaah,” he said.

    Other countries such as Mozambique, Britain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia are observing their prayers today.

    Eid follows the holy month of Ramadaan , during which Muslims fast for a period of 29 days after sighting the New Moon.