Saudi Regime Disintegration Stressed By Qatar


According to a recently disclosed secret talk by Qatar’s prime minister the Saudi regime will be toppled through the efforts of Qatar.

A report released on Saturday by the Al-Alaam channel reiterates that Sheikh Hamad Ben Jasem Al-Thani has underlined in a talk published on the internet that the Saudi regime would certainly be toppled by Qatar, and Qatar would one day enter the regions of Qatif and Al-sharqiya to dismember Arabia.

He made it clear that the Saudi regime is worn-out and the king Abdullah Ben Abdul-Aziz is unable (to run the country) and that there is no hope of changing the army.

Sheikh Hamad stated that the US and Britain had called for a report from him on the situation in Saudi Arabia and had informed of their decision to get rid of the Saudi regime and toppling it.

He added that Qatar has made use of the circumstance and has managed to take the US concession to shift the US bases from Saudi Arabia to Qatar.

Sheikh Hamad also said that Qatar has been able to gradually undermine the Saudi dominance and to impose itself on the Arab region.

Elsewhere in his speech he said that Qatar is seeking to strike Saudi Arabia economically and politically, and that soon there will take place a revolution in the country.



  1. Its pathetic indeed wishing bad for a muslim country by fellow muslims of the same race even though race is not an issue in our deen. Instead of helping the Saudi government, they want US?, to help them bring about economic downtorn leading a revolution? May Allahu ta'ala safeguard the holy land

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