Sheikh Advises Women to Perform Salat Janazah

In today’s sermon (khutbah) at Masjid Al-Hijrah, Cheyadi Village, Traditional Authority (TA) Zulu in Mchinji district, the khateeb (preacher) , Sheikh Hussein Allie Banda said Muslim women are allowed to pray for the dead person (Swalat Janazah).

According to Sheikh Banda, there is no any Islamic teaching that stops women from praying Swalat Janazah.

” There is no any teaching in Islam that stops Muslim women from praying for the dead people . We just betray them and Wallah ! Allah will ask us (men) for misleading these women ,” he said.

Sheikh Banda urged women to start praying for corpses of their fellow Muslims.

The preacher further advised the Muslims to always believe in Allah’s plans.

Finally, Sheikh Banda urged the Muslims to pray for the people affected by the Tropical Cyclone Freddy in the southern region of Malawi three weeks ago.

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