Sheikh Idriss Muhammad Slams MAM, “There is no Transparency and Accountability in MAM,” he claims.


    Sheikh Idriss Muhammad, one of the hot contenders of the upcoming Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) leadership race, yesterday slammed current MAM leadership saying it lacks good governance and accountability.

    In an exclusive interview with, Sheikh Muhammad said many Muslims asked him to contest in order to end atrocities that are going on in MAM organisation.

    “People want a change in MAM organization and when they sat down, they found that I am the only right person to do that, so I had to accept,” he said.

    Sheikh Muhammad said people have been concerned with the lack of good governance in the organization and he went on giving out  some of the examples which proves its untrustworthiness.

    “There is no transparency and accountability in MAM. I am not just talking, but I am an executive member also and I know what is going on,” he added.

    “MAM has been receiving money from different donors, in Malawi and outside but look at their office, it is just like a toilet,” he said.

    “And if MAM has a car today, it is the one from National Aids Commission. They received 32 million kwacha, where they took a portion to buy that car and I am telling you, there is no any program they can tell that they have done with the remaining money; instead, someone has built a house comprising of 18 rooms and a cottage worth 22 million kwacha. As a result, they have lost a lot of donors due to lack of trustworthy.

    So, I want to change this and I do not care whether somebody will lose his job or not because what I need is transparency and accountability,” he added.

    When asked what other new things Malawian Muslims should expect from him, Sheikh Idriss said:

    “What I will do is to encourage people to pay zakaah and be self reliant because whether somebody agree with it or not, we Malawian Muslims we are fond of begging as if we can not stand on our own. Right now, I am involved in Zakaah programs and I have seen that we can really afford.

    We have to do our own part first and donors should come second,” he said.


    1. If what the Sheikh has said is true,then let him win the elections and change everything for the good of Ummah..

      • I think the sheikh has a point here. What remains is for him to win and implement his ideas. They are good ideas. MAM is a good organization, it only needs to be run professionally.

    2. This is a voice of a long awaited leader. He is able to note the loopholes and eager to cover them up.Allahu akbar.

    3. Koma mwati zomwe anena a Idris Muhammad kuti anthu awona kuti palibe omwe angakhale national chair koposa iwowo zachokera mkamwa mwawo? If this indeed true ndiye I don't any quality of a leader in him. What he should know is that Muslims ar…e not looking for anthu obwetuka for a leader. What he has shown through his remarks is that he is egocentric and selfish. Is this the person we want to be our leader? I think not. Let us choose a person with a sober mind. As for me, this Idris Muhammad is already a nonstarter. May Allah guide the voters.

      • z Idrisah Muhammad or Muhammad Idrisah?4me I dnt c any leadership on him.As I remember,anachita strike ku seminer yomwe inachitikira ku City Centre-LL jst bcoz allowances cme late.And the worst thing waz:Seminar inali yowalimbikitsa anthu olowa chisilam.SHAME 2 OUR SO CALLED ''MUSLIM LEADER''….

      • I entirely agree with you brother Muheeb. On top of that him being an Executive member, how can he tolerate corrupt or fraudulent activities occurring without reporting them to relevant authorities? Does he only need the election campaign to reveal all that? If he has problems with the way NAC funds were spent, why can't he confront the Project Director? NAC funds have strict guidelines and there is no way that MAM could have got the second grant without complying with those requirements? Please bring us the answers so that the ummah should be enlightened.

    4. Koma abale ! Timva zinthu. At looks all leaders are faulty.Why can'y we endorse our Mufti to the position as he is trusted by many.

    5. Koma Abale MAM iii mmmmh Asilam amenewo munthu amene ali ozindikira za mmene chisilamu chiyenera kumayendetsedwera he can't go out advertising Himself for leadership.Allahumma Lakal'Hamdu!Akuti SHEIKH WA ali Mu executive committee tsoono nthawi Imene awo amasokoneza zinthu bwanji Iwo samadzudzula nkhalidwe oyipawo..Haa Kooma Abaale!It's the Duty of Ulamaa to choose not by Election this is DEEN HIGH POSITION.

      Anyway I don't see any1 in all those contestants FIT to this position.Anthu oyenera ali mmidzi umo akugwira ntchito ya deen without crying to be a CHAIRMAN OF MAM for just few of them there are like: Sh.Abdulraham uko kumudzi Mangochi,Sh.AMANI Ukoo Kuchilipa kumudzi Mangochi and others ali phee.

    6. Ndizomvetsa chison kuti anthu ena akuchemerera zinthu ngat zimenezi, how can you good Muslims like you be surpporting someone amene akuwulula zoipa za asilamu anzake pagulu? He is just a money Hungry Shiekh thats why he is saying all those things. May Allah Guide us.

    7. Pangali inguiona apa…. There is no need to be personal and emotional about the race for MAM leadership as if it was a political one. Let us learn to draw lines btn religious and other things. Do we really have to go this far Muslims? Why are people being so selfish yet they expect to lead the Muslims. Is this not a reflection of what kind of leaders they are going to be?? This learned Sheikh has been castigating MAM leadership yet he claims to be an Executive member. I have never supported MAM, everybody knows how this organisation has failed Muslims in this country. And Sheikh Idrissa being an executive member, he is by all means part and parcel of the inefficiencies, uneffectiveness, funds mismanagement and embezzlement. There is need for a complete overhaul at MAM. We need people who can manage professionally. Period!!! bola ngagambe kwimiratu!!!

    8. Ndi udindo wa ife asilamu tonse ku malawi kuno kuti wina aliyense azidziwa anthu akuluakulu muchipembedzo kudutsira mu chikhalidwe, chilungamo, kupanda mbiri yoyipa, Taqwa, ikhlas, munthu oyamba kuganizira anthu ena kenako iye ndi maphunziro. choncho ndi mmene tingasankhire munthu oyenera kukhala mtsogoleri. mwachoncho ndi bwino kuti MAM ikhale ndi ndondomeko yofuna kudziwitsa anthu ma shekh akuluakulu mu dzikoli kudutsira mu makhalidwe awo, kagwiridwe kawo ka ntchito, chikhalidwe chawo komanso maphunziro awo. posankha mtsogoleri wa bwino zimatengere ndi mmene anthu akumudziwira bwino. koma chifukwa choti palibe chomwe tikudziwapo zokhudzana ndi iwo ndi chifukwa chake ena amapezerapo mwayi ongofuna kuti akhale pa udindo chifukwa amadziwa kuti palibe yemwe akuwadziwa mu mbiri zawo. powonjezera maphunziro tiziwonetsetsanso chikhalidwe cha munthuyo. nthawi zina tatiyeni tizolongosola zinthu mmene zimafunikira osati kumangonyozana ayi, chifukwa choti wina aliyense ali ndi umunthu wake. Apa sindikufuna kuwabereka anthu amene akungodzichemelera pofuna udindo ayi. koma ife asilamu kuphatikiza ndi MAM yomwe tikatsata njira imeneyi ndiri ndi chikhulupiliro kuti tidzakhala ndi mtsogoleri wa bwino. ngati munthu oyenerera kukhala malowo sitikutha kumupeza tatiyeni tizipanganso dua kuti mulungu atithandizenso pa nkhani imeneyi.chifukwa mulungu mu quran akuti; mtumiki awuze anthuwo kuti bwana wanga sangakuyikireni chidwi popanda dua yanu.

      salam kwa asilamu onse okondedwa, sindimakuyiwalani ndimakupangirani ma dua abwino ndiye ndikukupemphaninso kuti muzindipangiranso dua inshaallah.

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