Sheikh Mwarabu: I have my own things I do as a business man


    As only two weeks remaining for Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) elections to take place, Sheikh Hussein Mwarabu, who are competing in the position of treasure general has asked Muslims in the country to vote for him if they want change in the organization.

    On speaking to Joy Radio’s Islamic update program on Thursday, Sheikh Mwarabu said he is now the only person who has no any grimy history and he will follow the footsteps of the former MAM chair, Sheikh Hussein Mwarabu.

    “I don’t have any bad history that I can lavish MAM’s money. I am not like that type of a person who eyes for leadership with an aim of enriching himself. I have my own things I do as a business man therefore I can’t go there to fritter away Muslims’ money,” he said.

    Sheikh Mwarabu said a lot of people in the country asked him to contest after observing some special characters in him.

    “People have asked me to contest. As I said my home village is Mwarabu in Balaka district, I have been studying what the real Sheikh Mwarabu and some other members were doing towards the development Muslim community in the Country.

    “I am not that kind of a person who says ‘thuma aamanu, thuma kaafaru’. And I am not going there to create enmity but to unite Malawi ummah,” pledged Mwarabu.

    He also expressed dissatisfaction with how the money has been misused in MAM and he promised that his regime will not tolerate that and everybody involved, will be arrested.

    “And I am assuring you that once I given a chance, malpractice of stealing people’s money will end and those involved will be persecuted,” he said, adding that “people are chosen without knowing what to do at MAM – thinking that positions are just worn like a Jacket.”

    Sheikh Mwarabu went on to condemn current MAM leadership for being quite and not commenting on Al-Qaida issue and some other problems that affect Muslim community.

    “MAM was supposed to be one organization to condemn the deportation of those Muslims [Al-Qaida]. Nevertheless, they do not even comment on international issues that affect Muslim community like that of burning of the Quran. When you ask them they say, “is none of our concern.” How can those issues not affect us while we are one ummah?” wondered Mwarabu.

    During former president Bakili Muluzi’s era, some Muslims were chased out of the country after being suspected that they belong to Osama Bin Laden’s group of Al-Qaida.

    MAM elections will be conducted on April 30th 2011 and Sheikh Mwarabu asked Malawians to choose “right people and not those who want to destroy Islam in the Country.”




    1. Who is this Sheikh Hussein Mwarabu. Is it not Mr. Hussein Layson we know? when did he become Sheikh Mwarabu. Kufuna kutibera chani? What is his qualification to be a Treasurer of MAM. Which business does he do? Tell us your qualification and experience that makes you what you claim. Selling cars once in a while is big business indeed but that is not enough qualifacation. You talk of Alqaida what is the connection with the Treasurer position. Mr. Hussein Layson did you really know the Great Sheikh Mwarabu. How old were you when he left this world. Don't cheat people.

    2. I totally disagree with the above caleed alhaj. by the way did you conducted Hajj yourself, otherwise ur manners are tallying to the way ur insulting ur fellow muslim brother rather Sheikh Hussein Mwarabu. Anyway do you anyone in mind whom is got qualifications you are talking about to take this position?. Do you know that graduates are doing nothing to assist islam in this country. What we need is experince, from my point of view what Sheikh Hussein Mwarabu wants with his new executive coming is to transform Muslim Association into an Organisation which will assist muslims on the ground not by making noise on the media.Coming to what u said about his business, at least u have known him that he sales cars even if its one time off, but u tells us WHAT DO YOU DO FOR UR EARN OF LIVING? Anyway am just trying to drive u, not to insult others on how income is being generatin, thats how Allah plan to give him/her rizik. Now take these words Mr Layson you knew, is not like the one he is now, now is a transformed to SHEIKH HUSSEIN MWARABU LETS GIVE A CHANCE IF HIS PERFOMANCE WILL BE BELOW STANDARDS, WHY NOT TO REPLACE.


    3. Allah AKIBAR,I missed this, very paphetic,How come Harvey Lyisan become Sheikh Hussein Mwarabu? Marehem Sheikh Mwarabu was agreat man ,so if you want position dont take his name for a ride.We Thank Allah that his name was not misplaced in that manner.Nex time check out these people who want to use famous people who are late for their benefit.

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