Some Muslims in Malawi Pray Eid Adha

    Muslims who came to attend Eid Prayers at Zomba High School Ground
    Muslims who came to attend Eid Prayers at Zomba High School Ground

    Muslims in some parts of the country on Tuesday observed Eid Adha prayers, after pilgrims in Makkah performed hajj rituals at Mount Arafat on Monday.

    Some parts that had its prayers on Tuesday include Zomba, Blantyre and Mangochi.

    In Zomba, prayers took place at Muslim Association of Malawi’s High School Ground while in Blantyre prayers took place at Lunzu Community Ground. In Mangochi, prayers took place at Mangochi Community Ground.

    Speaking after prayers in Zomba, MAM district Chairman Sheikh Dan Sanudi Konda said they decided to pray on Tuesday because to them, that is the actual date of Eid Adha.

    He said it is only one Arafa that happens in the month of Dhulhijja therefore it was not good for Muslims to miss it as dua made on this day has abundant rewards.

    ”After consulting sheikhs, we agreed that we should observe our prayers on Tuesday. Sheikhs gave several reasons to this decision and everybody was convinced. We are not saying that those who are praying tomorrow are wrong because to them that is what they have seen as good but for us we saw that the actual day to pray is Tuesday,” he said.

    Eid Mubarak
    Eid Mubarak

    The sheikh, who was also organising chairman for this year’s prayers therefore called on sheikhs in Malawi to unite and agree one thing which Muslims will be following in regard to the determining of Arafa day.

    ”It is very simple thing. It is a matter of understanding each other,” he said.

    This year’s prayers have come up with confusion with Muslims praying on different dates after sheikhs failed to agree on the actual date of the Arafat.

    This was not the first time as the same thing happened in 2010 when Muslims prayed on different dates.

    Reporting by Marshall Dyton, in Zomba.