Spend Responsibly on Eid-Fitr Celebrations- IUIU Guild President


The Guild President of Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) Yusuf Welunga has asked parents and guardians to spend responsibly during Eid-Fitr celebrations today.

In his Eid-Fitr message, Welunga says parents and guardians should know that students have to go back to school after COVID-19 pandemic hence the need to keep some funds.

“Dear parents , let’s enjoy this day responsibly , avoid extravagance because after COVID-19, you must take back children to schools. You must also resume your normal work to support the family,” he says.

The IUIU Guild President has also asked Muslims to continue being submissive to Almighty God as they were doing during the blessed Month of Ramadhan.

“For those who have been doing a lot of good deeds in this Holy Month , please don’t decline because the Month has gone but Allah , the one we worship is still in existence,” Welunga says.

The IUIU Guild President has also congratulated all Muslims who managed to fast during the holy month despite the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

“I thank Allah who has enabled all Muslims to fast during the holy Month of Ramadhan despite the outbreak of COVID-19 that has killed many people around the world. May Allah reward you abundantly,” Welunga says.

Muslim today across the world are celebrating Eid Fitr marking the end of the holy Month of Ramadhan.