Students at Mama Khadija Private Girls Academy to Pay for the Damages – ‘It’s Regrettable’: Student

Mama Khadija Students: Will be liable for the damages

Mama Khadija Girls Private Academy says the ringleaders of the last month’s fracas that erupted at the school will be liable for the damages.

Classes resumed at the school on Tuesday, March 6 after its indefinite closure on February 20.

The school was closed after the students went on strike claiming they were served with ‘rotten vegetables’, forcing the management to dismiss other students.

But after discussions with parents, the school has re-instated the four dismissed students as part of solving the problem but they were given final warning letters.

However, apart from giving them the letters, the management has vowed the students will still be liable for the damages.

The school’s Head Mistress, Anna Kandulo confirmed the development in an interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website.

She further said students were also only allowed at the school upon been escorted by their parents or guardians where rules and regulations were once again signed.

“The school has lost several items; beddings, blankets, plates among others are reported missing,” said the Headmistress.

“We are in the process of counting the cost of damages. Soon we shall come up with a definite figure for students to pay for the damages,” remarked the Headmistress.

Reports indicate that many things were lost at the school including personal belongings of other ‘innocent’ students.

“I lost all my personal belongings. I believe some people got advantage and stole my bags,” lamented Fatima Matola who hails from Balaka.

Meanwhile, parents have welcomed the move by the management to re-open the academy.

“We are very much pleased with the re-opening. We were much worried of our daughters’ future,” commented Sister Chande of Balaka who has two daughters at the Academy.

One ‘innocent’ student also expressed her gladness to be back at the school.

“Our actions are regrettable. Some of us were not involved. We pray this should not happen again,”  Fatima Kaunda a Form 1 student said.

Meanwhile, the fracas at the Academy did not spare the Mama Khadija Primary School which is within the same complex.

“We feel threatened by the conduct of Academy students. This has negatively effected our pupils. There is a change in their behaviour since that fracas erupted,” commented Deputy Headmistress for Mama Khadija Primary School, Grace Mkwera.


  1. Asalam Alaikum

    The Stories of Mama Khadija and Zomba Islamic High schools are embarrassing in our Muslim community. It leaves a lot to be desired as to how come our children resolt to violence as means of expressing their dissatisfaction on what they feel the school is not providing to their satisfaction.

    Who gave them mandate to break the school structures just for them to demonstrate what they are not happy with? Is it the issue of childrens' rights prompting them to behave like that? I was in a opinion that our moslem children are supposed to be taught discipline all the way long from Madrasa. What is happening with our moslem children especially in our islamic High schools?

    One thing I noted is that almost in all Islamic Schools they put foreign Boarding mistresses and Head masters. I don't the reason behind it but what I can not rule out is that the foreign Headmasters and mistresses may not be conversant with Malawian culture of how we bring up our children, as a result there are chances of communication problems between the children and the Bosses of the Schools.

    I would like to propose that the Islamic High Schools should also include Malawians to deputise the foreign headmasters, their duty shall be to give guidelines on Malawian culture of children up bringing, nevertheless the children who incite violence in the schools should be eliminated. It is therefore unfortunate that Mama khadija did not remove the bad seed from the school, I hope this incident gave a leason to the children and the teachers of the School.

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