Sudan Graduates for Bigger Social Projects

Sudan Graduates Association of Malawi (SUGAM) a group of people who graduated from different schools based in Sudan, says it is eyeing at establishing various programs that will benefit Muslims and the entire Malawi citizenry.

This was said by the group’s chairperson Cassim Cyrus Banda during its Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at International College of Business and Management campus on November 13.

Banda’s sentiment comes at a time when many people have been complaining that most graduates are not responding back to the needs of their communities which is retarding slowing development.

Banda said, as a group made up of people of different professions, they are eyeing at establishing social institutions like a school and a hospital so that they directly contribute to social wellbeing of Malawians.

“Apart from our usual duties of assisting students and carrying out some charity works, it is our plan to own a school and a hospital since we have experts in these fields and that will add more value to the services we render to the country through our work places.”

Banda then hinted the need for graduates to always come back and pay back to the communities that made them who they are today.

He said there are many people who have graduated from both international and local colleges, with support from various well-wishers and it is time to pay back.

“It’s high time we started paying back to the community with a little earnings we get, there are some challenges out there that require our intervention” He explained.

He further said that, every individual has a role to play in order to make sure that some of the challenges rocking the communities are solved without involving external donors.

Currently SUGAM has a membership of more than 300 and its activities are fully funded by contributions of its members.

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