The National Unified Madras Syllabus to Come Out Soon


    The long-awaited national unified madras syllabus, which aims to standardize Islamic studies in madrassa across Malawi, is at an advanced stage. Chairperson for the Unification of Madras syllabus working committee, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Alim Kalako confirmed the development in an interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website.

    There has been progress since the inception of the idea from the Muslim community that followed the initiative taken by Al-Barakah Charity Trust in bringing different Islamic organizations working in the field of education to a round table on the matter.

    “Currently, we have managed to do a number of assignments. Groups of specialized professionals were identified and given subjects based on their specialization. Then, drafts of syllabuses from different organizations were distributed to different professionals to review and come up with a unified copy,” remarked Sheikh Kalako.

    The Chairman further said they are now “working on bringing these groups to a workshop where the reviewed copies shall be presented and debated upon to map the way forward” but he didn’t mention when.

    Program Officer for Al-Barakah Charity Trust, Cassim Chilimba also remains optimistic of the success of the long anticipated unified madras syllabus in force.

    Muslims in Malawi are waiting to see the fruits of this innovation, which many feel, shall bring unity and clarity as well as efficiency and effectiveness in Islamic studies for generations to come.
    In the past, children were forced to learn several syllabuses at the same level due to their parents’ movement from one area to another since several organizations in the country follow different syllabuses.
    This development has been making children to be torpid at one level.
    Reporting by Patrick Hamza Mpumira Malawi Muslims Official Website correspondent in Zomba


    1. Its a positive step.Just last year Islamic University In Uganda launched such a unified syllabus for O' and A' levels on Islamic studies for Ugandan muslims.They are soon to develop it further to incorporate the whole East Africa.

      With determination and unity, we can do the same and even better inshallah.

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