The Resurface of Atupele Muluzi’s Agenda for Change


    The newly elected president of the former ruling party UDF Hon Atupele Muluzi who is also the UDF 2014 Presidential candidate has resumed his agenda for change Campaign.

    The rally which attracted a lot of youth and women was at the famous Njamba Freedom Park in the commercial city of Blantyre on Sunday afternoon.

    After introducing all members who were elected at the convention last two weeks, the Secretary General Padambo asked Atupele to give his remarks to the crowd that had been anxiously waiting to hear from the youthful UDF 2014 presidential candidate.

    In his remarks Atupele first congratulated the team and asked it to work together in order to bring back the confidence UDF party had from the people. While acknowledging the mistakes that were in the leadership of UDF, Atupele promised to work hand in hand with the old guards while the new generation takes the drive seat. In this he said people should not look at his age but on his capability to run this country with new leadership style.

    Regarding his agenda for change Atupele outlined three short term plans that he wants to see them happening within a short period of time and these are Strong working leadership, Strong and well coordinated structures and finally the sound manifesto.

    On the latter he said that there will be a Policy conference and first of its kind where views from the public will be considered as to give the Public  room to contribute on their expectations of the UDF when it takes government 2014. He also outlined 10 things which will form part of the manifesto and that include:  Health, Economy, Education, Science and Technology, water and environment, Job creation, food security, and energy among others.

     By Abdullah Umar


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