There is no room for violence in Islam


    It is clear that Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) preached about peace. For so many times, he taught his companions about treating everyone with equality, respect, and tolerance regardless of his or her belief and background. He even said a neighbor has rights over you which extended to mean an entire community.

    However, it is very sad that there are other people who due to their own ulterior motives and agendas have been committing crimes in the name of Islam. They have misinterpreted and manipulated scriptures in order to achieve their agendas. This has not only damaged the reputation of Islamic religion but entire Muslim community.

    Today if you ask non-Muslims what they know about Islam they will tell is violence, deadly attacks, terrorism etc. Yet, Diversity and pluralism is integral to the message of the Quran.

    “God made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one other (not that ye may despise each other).” (49:13)

    Also, one of the Prophet Muhammad’s first acts in Medina was to establish an agreement with the Jews which would protect them, respect their beliefs and give them equal rights. Later, when Christians arrived in the city Muhammad arranged for them to stay in the mosque where they held their religious services alongside Muslims who prayed in the same space.

    All of humanity is the family of God’, he declared, ‘and the most beloved to God is the one who is of most benefit to His children.”

    This is a clear testimony that Islam encourages coexistence and totally condemns the killings of other people because of their beliefs.

    Violence acts, atrocities or any kind of brutality has no place in Islam.