Thugs Burn Mosque In Mulanje


    A Mosque in Group Village Headwoman Ngolowera T/A Chikumbu in Mulanje district have been burned down with fire, Malawi Muslims Official Website has learnt.

    According to an eyewitness Sheikh Ibrahim Swalleh, who is also a Coordinator for the Islamic Information Bureau in Mulanje, the mosque was burnt on Sunday August 12th 2012 at around 3 o’clock in the morning.

    Police authorities have since confirmed the development to Malawi Muslims Official Website but said they have not made any arrests so far.

    “Indeed we received reports from Muslims of Ngolowera Village that some unknown people have burned a mosque in the area. We went there to verify and we found that it was true. The file has been opened and inquiries are in progress but nobody has been arrested so far,” said Saidi Bakali from Mulanje Police station.

    However, reports reaching this website indicates that three days prior to the incident, some drunkards who were passing by the mosque during evening prayers were heard demanding Muslims to remove the mosque because they want to open a Pub.


    1. this is a very bad development! it does not only indicate how ignorant the perpetrators are, but also how intolerant their faith is with other faiths. I ask the the President to condemn this act publicly and take every action to punish the perpetrators. otherwise, such like issue warrants bleach of peace in the communities. let MAM in conjuction with other organisations condemn it with one voice. if there should be a need to demonstrate, this is the right cause to demonstrate for so that they should know we are angry. May Allah bless you all.

    2. Sad, may the muslims draw strength from this and make du'aa for the culprits to embrace islam and not hate them. Let us have a heart of our beloved prophet (SAW) when he was stoned at Taif, he made du'aa for the culprits and not against them……May Allah give understanding

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