Tonse to Form Government for All


Tonse Alliance is assuring all Malawians that did not vote for it in the just ended Fresh Election that they have nothing to fear if they did not break any of the country’s laws.

Tonse Alliance says the new Government will be all inclusive and anyone will be allowed to use their intelligence, skills and expertise to develop this country without any regard to tribe, gender, religion, race, ability or any other destination.

It says the new Malawi that has started is for all, and will not waste no time in starting to deliver on promises saying the bright future that all have been dreaming is finally here.

Dr. Chidanti Malunga ( UTM Publicity Secretary) and Reverend Maurice Munthali ( MCP Publicity Secretary) say the Alliance will develop the country.

Tonse Alliance says it is humbled by the overwhelming vote of confidence, Malawians from all the regions have said that they want the new beginning.

The Alliance says it is aware that this was the last chance for the country to restore the belief in its people that things can be different and better for the country, that it is possible to have servant leaders whose primary commitment is to make everyone have a sense of belonging to the nation by ending tribalism, nepotism, corruption and all the vices that have pulled the country backwards.

Tonse Alliance says Malawians had to choose between the status quo of unguarded lawlessness, social and economic stagnation and a brighter future characterised by visionary leadership, economic prosperity and national unity.

“The result show that Malawians have chosen the hope and progress that Tonse alliance represents,” says the Alliance.

Tonse Alliance says by coming out in large numbers to attend their rallies, offering material and financial support to their preparations for the elections and doing everything not only to vote, but also to protect that vote, together, they have managed to claim the victory that they are all within their rights to celebrate.

The Alliance says all the efforts of their leaders, lawyers, Judges and other players would have come to nothing if Malawians themselves did not seize the opportunity provided by the election to emancipate themselves from the yoke of a self – confessed system that has sadistically destroyed everything that was good about the country.

Tonse Alliance is expressing a word of thanks to their team of highly competent lawyers, and Judges who successfully argued the case in both the High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal to allow Malawians another opportunity to express themselves in the polls.