Traditional Authorities in Machinga ask Malawian Muslims to pay Zakaat

    Donated Cow

    Traditional Authorities in Machinga District, Eastern part of Malawi have asked Muslims to pay Zakaat as one way of implementing government’s programmes of developing religious and secular educational standards among the youths in the country.

    Traditional Authority Chiwalo and senior chief Nyambi said this at Chief Chiwalo head quarters where National Zakaat Fund donated three cows brought to Chiwalo National Zakaat Fund Committee from Mangochi.

    The chiefs said the introduction of the National Zakaat Fund Executive Committee is a mile stone to the muslim community is changing the mind set that paying Zakaat is for the Asian muslim community.

    The chiefs asked Islamic Non Governmental Organizations to construct schools, hospitals and Islamic Centers in Machinga that will help improve educational standards in the district.

    The Member of Parliament for the area Honorable Donnex Mpuzeni was saddened that muslims are poor because the sheikhs neglected their role of teaching the muslims the importance of paying Zakaat.

    Honorable Donnex appealed to sheikhs to open up for their followers and teach them the requirements of the pillars that contribute to the development of religious and secular education among the muslim youths.

    Traditional Authorities Chikwewo, Mgokwe, Kapoloma, Nkoola and senior chief Nyambi attended the presentation of the donation.

    About 92 beneficiaries from 26 Masjids (mosques) from Machinga South East have benefited form the donation.


    1. The need for muslims to pay zakaat can not be over emphasized. It must be borne in our mind that Zakaat is one of the five pillars of Islam.

      The national Zakaat Fund has to be applauded for their initiative especially to teach the rural muslim masses nthe importance of paying zakaat. the mind set and attitude that only our asian brothers are the ones whom the act of worship is obligatory, is slowly dying. I was impressed with the multitude that patronised the occasion. I really got perplexed with the pictures which I happen to have.

      The organisation has even gone further to teaching people of almost all districts of the country according to some sources.

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