UIF Cheers Muslims in Balaka



It was a day to remember for the Muslims in Balaka after Umodzi Islamic families in Balaka donated 10 goats to Balaka Islamic Centre for Qurban programme.

The donation was a relief to the centre which had no any Udhiyah programme apart from what it got from these Islamic families.

Speaking to Malawi Muslims Website Chairperson of the grouping Allie James Walala said:

“We believe in sharing a little we get with our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. In this area, many people had no access to the sacrificial meat and we decided to give them these goats so that they should also have something to eat in their homes,” he said.

UIF is a grouping of about ten Muslim families who believe in sharing as commanded by Allah the Almighty.

They assist underprivileged Muslims and needy hardworking Muslim students who are unable to pay school fees in secondary schools.

The grouping also assist  Jamaats with locally found praying mats, udhu caps and some simple Masajid maintenance within Balaka.

The members contribute K2, 000.00 per couple every month. If a member is a widow or a widower, they contribute only K1, 000.00.

“With these contributions, we have made a difference in paying school fees to needy Muslim students who are in various Community Day Secondary Schools. We also managed to buy praying mats in some masajids. We do this because we know the problems that our fellow Muslims are facing here in the villages. You will be shocked if you visit some areas to see Muslims without mats,” says Walala.

Walala also says his organization has been working together with other well wishers in distributing Blankets to beneficiaries in some districts.

“They [well wishers] do witness themselves how people in the villages are suffering,” he added.

Walala however urged other well wishers to assist the needy.

“It has taken 4 years at this Islamic centre for the Muslims not getting their Qurban share. Thank you UIF for considering us here”, Mussa Yusuf one of the beneficiaries said.

“And in future consider those outside the town who just hear in media that people do get meat on this day,” he pleaded.

Reporting by Dinala Chilembe in Balaka