Updated: Kasungu Muslims Protest Against the Ban of Dawa Activities



    Muslims in Kasungu on Thursday morning petitioned District commissioner for the district over the decision by the Group Village Headman Gundani to ban dawa activities in his area among other things.

    Following the ban the Muslims opted to get assistance from the DC  saying  discussions with the chief on numerous occasions produced no fruits.

    Malawi Muslim Website understands that in the petition the Muslims have expressed dissatisfaction with the chief’s attitude towards them describing it discriminatory in nature.

    According to the petition, the chief has been telling the Muslims that they should move away from the area saying the land do not belong to them.

    Meanwhile, Kasungu District Commissioner Harrison Lende in a telephone interview with Malawi Muslim Website refused to confirm receiving the letter before cutting off the line.

    But in an earlier interview, Lende said that the concerned Muslims faulted by rushing to petition him before exhausting other channels.

    “They were supposed to discuss with their senior Chief Kaomba and other relevant concerned parties before coming to us. Once they come here I will advise them to do follow that channel,” he said.

    Abbas Matola who was among the grouping has since confirmed meeting the DC who advised them to have a discussion with Senior Chief Kaomba so that the matter should be solved amicably.


    1. But I know the Chief in question is married to a muslim and she is a muslim (mmudzimutu sangatichotse chifukwa ena mwa asilamu ndife ana awo

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