Well-wisher constructing Mosque in Mchinji


    We are in 21st century but Muslim brothers and sisters of Kambuwe village in Mchinji are still praying in a devastated mosque.

    It is a sad development to our deen but the good news is that one of Muslim member Dr Yusuf Aufi visited the area and saw that people are lacking many things.

    Dr Aufi is now constructing a mosque in the area.

    In an interview with Malawi Muslims website, Dr Yusuf Aufi said, ” I have started assisting the community”.

    “I am told that now the construction of a new mosque has stopped at a window level,” says Aufi.

    He urges the muslim community and other well-wishers to join hands so that the project should be finalised.

    For more information you can contact Dr Yusuf Aufi:

    Your support will be highly appreciated.