Why Should Persons With Disabilities Continue To Face Challenges?



For a long time persons with disabilities has struggled to have the Equalization of Opportunities Bill passed in parliament in order to have their rights protected by law. However, despite the fact that the bill was passed into law in 2012 persons with disabilities continue to face numerous challenges in their day to day lives.

The birth of the democratic political dispensation brought with it a lot of hope hope and optimism that the republican constitution will guarantee equal opportunities to every Malawian citizen. We also saw the mushrooming of various Non Governmental Organizations championing minority rights including those of persons with disabilities. it seems that it still becomes a challenge for the to be accorded the rights which t

However, many institutions and infrastructures today are not disability friendly. Disabled children are still being locked in houses denying them their right to freedom of association and education just to mention a few; as if they are lesser human beings.

Recently the Executive Director for Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi (FEDOMA) Action Amosi also said that they are worried that despite the passing of the disability bill into a law, a lot of important institutions have not complied with the law and they are inaccessible to people with disabilities, thereby denying them the right to transact as other able bodied persons.

Amosi said that they wanted government to take pro active action to ensure that those people that are not complying with law should be taken to task.

The passing of the bill was aimed at reducing ignorance and negative perceptions among the people and providing equal opportunities to persons with disabilities but sadly it seems that very little has been achieved on the ground.