Women grouping Respond to Zomba Muslim Inmates’ Call for Support, Donate Various Items

    Jamila Sherif: Handing over the items to one of the inmates

    Jamila Sherif: Handing over the items to one of the inmates

    Muslim Sisters Organization MUSYO eastern region chapter says it remains the responsibility for Muslim individuals and organizations towards ensuring that Muslims in the country’s prisons remain steadfast in their religion.

    It says this can be achieved by providing support such as clothing, food items and books in several ways to the Muslims.

    This comes following a Malawi Muslim website story which revealed challenges facing Muslim inmates at Zomba maximum Prison recently.

    This was the second time for MUSYO in a space of two months to visit the jail which has over 500 Muslim prisoners including 11 Muslim females after it distributed meat at the prison during Eid-ul Adhuha festivity.

    Speaking to Malawi Muslims after the event, chairlady for the grouping Sister Jamilla Sherrif said her organization was touched after learning the challenges facing Muslims at the jail.

    ‘‘As n organization we felt we have a role to play towards eradicating the problems affecting the Muslims and all the prisoners at Zomba.

    “So it is an appeal to Muslims individuals and organizations to try as much as possible to reach out to our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters imprisoned for various reasons,” she said.

    The donation which was worth around 500,000.00 kwacha included holy books of Al-Quran, soap tablets, clothes and sugar.

    The organization sourced the money from a Turkey base Muslim Muhammad Amin who also attended the ceremony of handing over the items to the beneficiaries.

    Speaking to the inmates Amin said as Muslims though being Prisoners they should not forget fulfilling what Allah the Almighty has commanded the believer to do in this world in order to attain paradise in the hereafter.

    ‘‘What is happening here in Malawi is quite amazing. Some places don’t allow prisoners to exercise their freedom of worship the way it is happening here. So don’t take this for granted you need to capitalize on it by following what is supposed to be done by a muslims.And I would like to thank the government for this atmosphere we are having in the prison.’’ He said.

    He then urged the Muslims to share the items with other prisoners from different denominations saying thus the spirit of Muslims.

    Meanwhile coordinator of the Muslims at the prison Brother Abdullah has commended MUSYO for playing a critical role towards the donation.
    He said this will go a long way in ensuring that Muslims perform salaat at the place.

    ‘‘ some of these Muslims here were finding it hard to perform salaat because they did not have proper clothing-all they had were short trousers-which we all know are not supposed to be put on when praying. But with this donation we are happy that they will be fulfilling one of the pillars of Islam which is salaat.’’ He said.