Zain Bhikha hails “amazing” Malawian Nasheed Artists

    Zain performing at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe

    The nasheed pioneer Zain Bhikha on Sunday concluded his two-day Malawi Muslim Awards Fundraising concerts tour with hailing the local artists for their wonderful performance in both shows.

    Classic Events, the organisers of the show picked an Award winning Ishmael Katawala, Rajab Yassin, Noordeen Cassim, Grant Norman and Alfred Kanonji as supporting artists for both shows.

    They had to go for an intense training which was done by Classic Events team to make sure that their performances are of an international standard.

    And after watching the artists performing live, lifting souls of the audience, Zain could not hold his words but to hail the “talented” artists.

    “It’s really amazing to see such talent in Malawi. The voice and melody…makes Malawian nasheed industry very unique. My only advise is that they should make their intentions clean … doing most of the projects for charity. Not that they should not make money or charge shows but their intention should be clean and they will see balakah (blessings) coming in,” said Zain Bhikha.


    Bhikha said he leaves the country very excited and promised to be back soon probably with his other artists.

    He said: “I have travelled different countries in the world with few in Africa. But I can say in Africa, Malawi has been great. The turn up and the host is just an amazing.  It is also suprising to see many people knowing my songs. I will convince my friends to put Malawi on the list of touring countries.”


    The South African based nasheed Maestro  was in Malawi for 2015 Malawi Muslim Awards Fundraising Concerts. He performed on January 24 at Robins Park in Blantyre and January 25 at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe.

    He made a collaboration song with the local artists which they performed at Crossroads Hotel.