Ramadan 2014—Sifting through the behavioral baggage—episode 1



In this series, I will try to share with you the methods and things that, I think, will make us better Muslims within and after Ramadan.

One of the greatest mistakes that a lot of us, Muslims, seem to have in common is how to use our time in this blessed month. Due to ‘passiveness’ of our bodies brought by fasting, a lot of us spend a great deal of time in front of either TV or computer screens watching our favorite shows and movies.

It has become a culture to spend time in front of these screens as we are waiting for time to pass. Thus, no doubt, a lot of us turn out to be less productive.

For those who are into this behavior in an addictive way, I suggest they reduce the amount of time they use watching these movies or shows to a very specific and limited time in a day. The idea is not to approve of this, but to stop the addiction in a slow but effective manner. If you’re an addict, it is recommended to decrease the amount of time used to watch these shows or movies every day even if it means decreasing it by only 15, 20 or 30 minutes a day.

For example, let’s say, you spend 6 (or more) hrs a day watching movies or TV shows. It means as days pass by, that 6 or 7 hr period will be dwindling to an extent that, by the end of Ramadan, a person will have stopped watching these things completely or if any, watching to a very, very minimal level.

This method is so helpful that an ex- addict (with the help of faith) will find it difficult or will have to ‘work hard’ to come back to the watching. This is so because the method is done in a rehabilitative way.

For those of you who don’t spend your time in front of TVs or PCs watching these shows and/or movies, we ask Allah to protect you further. There is nothing really good in this behavior.

Until next episode; May Allah make you and all of us among those who benefit from this month of Ramadan. Amen.


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