HRDC Demands Credible, Free and Fair 23rd FPE


Human Rights Defenders Coalition is demanding a credible, free and fair fresh presidential elections which are slated on 23rd June 2020.

Speaking during a press briefing today in Lilongwe, HRDC Chairperson said they want the electoral Commission to run the elections in a credible,free and fair manner without any irrelligularities.

“As HRDC we want these elections to be credible, free and fair. We do not want the Commission to repeat the same mistakes that happened in 2019 elections. We are also calling upon Malawians and all stakeholders to be vigilant against the danger of incompetence by officers of the Malawi Electoral Commission. It is now a settled fact established by a Constitutional Court ruling, a parliamentary Commission of Inquiry and a Supreme Court Judgement, that the 2019 Presedintial elections was ruined by the incompetence of electoral officials from the top of MEC at the National Tally Center all the way down to the Presiding Officers at the bottom end of the process at stream level”,said Trapence.

Trapence also noted that this time Malawians should watch all the MEC officials in making sure that they are doing their work in accordance with the Law.

“The 2019 elections was ran by people who were unprofessional and unable to do their Job. As Malawians we all know that. As such it is now critical for all of us to not assume that once our votes are cast, those entrusted with the careful tabulation and transmission of those votes have the requisite skills to do so”

“We must watch all MEC officials in action and identify any who may clearly be showing signs of incompetence so that the remedial interventions can be implemented to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process and to protect our rights as Citizens”,said Trapence.

He further said that as HRDC they are aware that some people are planning to rig Fresh Presidential Elections and therefore there is need for all Malawians and all stakeholders to remain vigilant against the danger of violence and suspicion of rigging.

“As HRDC we are aware of attempt to rig elections. There are reports that some individual want to smuggle already marked ballot papers. Let’s remain vigilant in all ports of entry in Malawi. As HRDC we will fully investigate these reports to assess the credibility thereof and report the same to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Violence in any form should not be tolerated in this election”,said Trapence.

The Coalition has warned all stakeholders, including MEC officials across the board, that they will be watching every move this week and should be any irrelligularities at any point in the process, the HRDC will sue the MEC official who presided over the part of the process, and they will sue them in their individual capacity.

HRRC said no one should think that they will get away with cheating or breaking the law or hide behind an official title.

HRDC has also warned that if any anyone messes up any part of this election because of a party he/she like or a bribe received, he/she will go to jail.