Late Sidik Mia Wrote an Extraordinary Memoir

It is an indisputable fact that the late Muhammad Sidik Mia wrote a book that will continue being relevant in the hearts of Muslims in Malawi for decades.

Late Mia’s love towards Islam and Muslims in Malawi didn’t need a microscope to be magnified. He was a father,a politician and a businessman, but above all, a devoted Muslim.

His love for Islam and Muslims was out of this world. The ‘giant of the lower Shire’ as he was called in the political circles, Mia was a true definition of a philanthropist.

Late Mia’s programs and projects changed and will continue changing lives of Malawi Muslims. Several Mosques were constructed to make sure that Muslims have better places to worship Allah (God). Several boreholes were drilled to make sure that Muslims and other Malawians have access to portable water.

It is amazing to see how the late Mia was prioritizing education. The former 1st Vice President of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) was supporting several needy students in the country so that they should become informed ambassadors of Islam and the country. These are good deeds that one benefits even after dying (Swadaqat Jaariah).

When his death was announced on 12th January, 2021, the country was shocked. The country didn’t believe that the then Minister of Transport and Public Works passed on. The country accepted that the statesman had gone.

These are just few of the good deeds that late ‘Mbuya’ did to Muslims in Malawi and the country at large. It can be very ungrateful not to ask Allah to reward him abundantly in the grave and offer him Jannat Firdaus on the day of judgement. We came from Allah, and to Him we shall all return.

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