MAATIP partners with Timveni in fight against Trafficking in persons

Media Association Against Trafficking in Persons (MAATIP) has partnered with Timveni Child and Youth Organization in the fight against Trafficking in Persons in Malawi. The two Organizations signed a momerandum of understanding (MOU) on Saturday 17, October, 2020 in Lilongwe at Crossroads hotel.

Speaking after signing MOU chairperson of MAATIP Memory Chisenga said what made MAATIP to go into partnership with Timveni is because Timveni is also focusing on human rights especially child rights and youth rights.

“Today as MAATIP we have signed a MOU with Timveni to work together in this fight against Trafficking in Persons, and you should understand that as Media Association Against Trafficking in Persons we really have a great role in as far as combating trafficking in persons is concerned and we are working with various media houses in the country and one of it being Timveni and Timveni deals much with child and youth rights, so we thought it is wise to go into this partnership because we believe that Timveni has a capacity to be able to host our Secretariat and also run most of our implemented programs under MAATIP and let me also emphasize here that all the activities that Timveni
Is going to be implementing will also be the same activities that will be implemented in other media houses that MAATIP is working with”,said Chisenga.

In his remarks Timveni Child and Youth Organization Exucutive Director Herbert Chidaya said Timveni is an interested party in the fight against Trafficking in Persons because the young people and children are the ones that are being trafficked.

“Timveni being child and youth media Organization and doing a lot of advocacy in fighting for the rights of children and young people we thought it is very important for us to be part of this arrangement and we are about to gain a lot as well as contributing to the fight against Trafficking in Persons”,said Chidaya.

In his remarks Exucutive Director of Media Counsil of Malawi Moses Kaufa said the media has a great role in the fight against Trafficking in Persons and he requested the media to redifine the trafficking in persons like what does it mean and what are the instances of trafficking in persons.

“I think as Media we need to explain to the people what does trafficking in persons really mean and how it can be prevented as media we want to create a human trafficking free nation and the other thing we are calling the media to do is to ensure that they abide by the ethical standards in reporting trafficking in persons, we do not want to see the media contributing to revictimasation of victims of trafficking in persons and lastly we want to see the media actually emphasizing on collaboration and consultation, we want the media to work closely with institutions that know better about trafficking in persons without actually prejudicing or trying to misinform the Nation”,said Kaufa.

Media Association Against Trafficking in Persons is an indipendent Organization that consist of media practitioners from different media houses and the objective of the Organization is to combat trafficking in persons in Malawi.

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