State- owned MBC TV castigates Chilima


State- owned MBC TV on Monday during its evening Chichewa news bulletin at 19:00 hours seeked reaction from people by beaming a picture bearing obscene words castigating State Vice President, Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima.

The obscene language has been watched by millions of Malawians describing it as a shame and a total disgrace to them as the radio and TV is being financed through their taxes regardless of party affiliations.

Ralph Kasambala on his official facebook page says in a liberal democracy with effective leadership by now, heads would have been rolling, apologies flying all over radios and TVs, not just to the State Vice President, Dr. Chilima and his family but, to all Malawians who have been debased by watching and reading such immoral statements on MBC.

Kasambala says if the State President and MACRA can sleep over such incident for MBC to vomit obscene words against a sitting State Vice President and President Peter Mutharika just watching over his minister responsible for Information, Malawians should know that this country has gone to the dogs.

MBC management has unconditionally apologized to all Malawians for a picture containing vulgar language which it carried saying the picture with such vulgar words was not a deliberate action, it was out of a serious over- site on the part of those responsible for editing and quality control.

In its statement released with the subject,” Public apology” MBC says its editorial policy does not in any way condone the use of vulgar language in any mode on any of their platforms.

MBC says this serious mishaps is sincerely regreted, steps are being taken to remedy saying as they have done before, this unfortunate incident will demand thorough check of their content before it is brought on the public platform.

“As a public broadcaster, we would like to state that the vulgar language and the views expressed in the picture were not ours, and they don’t represent the values they stand for, promote,” reads the apology statement in part.