We All Can

We all understand the fact that 1431 elapsed and we are now in 1432,. the same applies 2010 is history and we welcomed 2011

However, does that mean we are the clever ones and those who died in 2010 or 1431 are stupid? No! Definitely a big no! It is just Allah’s choice that we are alive today.

Many questions may be asked, what have we achieved this year? Was it a success or a flop both spiritually economically, among others?

Again, what do plan to do in this year? Firstly, as human beings, it is good to understand that you are here for a purpose and that life is like a book with many different chapters.

Some tell a tragedy, others triumph it. Some chapters are dull and ordinary. The key to being a success in life, is to never stop on a difficult page, to never quit on a tough chapter ‘champions have the courage to keep turning the pages because they know a better chapter lies ahead” that is according to Sally Echhorst, in his book ‘A Pocket Full of Inspiration.’

No one is extraordinary, we are all ordinary as the holy Quran confirms that “every human is equal to one another; an Arab is not superior to a none Arab nor none Arab superior to an Arab.”

Even the greatest achievers of our time, were but ordinary people what makes them extraordinary is what they do with their lives.

We are all born with remarkable potential into a word with limitless opportunities no matter who we are and what our circumstances. There comes a time, when we can choose how we live and how to succeed.  We can choose to waste our potential and miss out on all the opportunities available to us or we can choose to make the most of our potential and seek out all available opportunities.

As young man, I have lived most of my life in this beautiful country of Malawi with my age. I have seen a lot. I know having mentioned this point, some are laughing because they may have seen me growing and they believe I am just a kid who knows nothing but playing football in the street of Zingwangwa and spending the whole day at the lake Malawi in Makanjira at Namagwena, yet, going home with nothing.

However, with the little experience, I have witnessed a lot worth telling.  I have seen poor people growing rich who m you accused later as being a satanic and I do not need to mention names here. I have seen uneducated people rise to the top, Chenikisi, for example. I have also seen those who should have been miserable and unhappy due to their circumstances rise above; their situations to live happy and fulfilled lives. These are all ordinary people perhaps even less fortunate than you who have chosen to make the most of their lives despite their circumstances

The problem is some of us have chosen to live this life as spectators, however as a person carefully built the existence.

I have observed that most of us when doing things, we focus only on big things instead of beginning with the basic part of it. Sometimes you will find out that when you want to carry out an Islamic activity, we want to be associated with big projects.  Anyway, I know there you are seated, you are asking if it a problem to serve the cause of Islamic.  A big way, big deeds, big rewards, big success, we argue that way. Well, though the logic appears to be bullet proof, there is actually the problem with it. Assumes that the reward for a good deed is based on its value as perceived by us. In reality the reward for every good deed is based on the actual goodness in it and only Allah can judge that.

Coming back to the topic, we all can yes! This year, 1432 or 2011 should the year of change though for most is often troubling, it causes anxiety as comfort zones are shaken and uncertainty sets.  Today’s companies, have to be able to change in order to survive. They have to be flexible and adaptable to keep a competitive edge. Restructuring, is often a case of do or die and changes are inevitable.  Just as companies change,  so do people,  the best are people who can adjust and make the best of a situation and who can even spot hidden opportunities in potentially negative situation. Quran 95 vs. 4-6 says: “we have created man in the best of molds then reduced him to be the lowest of the low except for those who believe and do righteous deeds for they have a reward unfailing.”

Philosophers and thinkers have always been wondering and arguing about the nature of man. Is man evil by nature? Is he a born sinner as the post-modernist are now saying? Is their even such a thing a good and evil just like beauty? Good and evil are in the eye of the beholder they argue Of course.

As human beings, we all have freedom to choose any path even if we wish to reject belief in one true God and refusing to obey him in your pursuit of power, wealth or sensory pleasures.  You can choose to ignore all moral values or ethical principles. This road is wide open, and to those who follow it, will become the lowest of low again. Allah {sw} is speaking in Holy Scripture Surah 76 vs. 3: “we have guided him along the right path whether he is thankful or thankless.” Today the affairs of this world are being controlled by the lowest of the low.

Moreover, the daily news is a reminder of that tragic fact this should not make us lose hope but make as redouble our efforts to follow and promote the path of belief and goods deeds. Life is what you make of it no matter what the circumstances.  Others, have done it despite their circumstances, so why not you and me?

Thank you so much for borrowing me your beautiful eye as we already welcomed the new year with hope for change for the better to achieve success in this world and here after

Do not forget that in just some few days to come, the symbolic month of Rabbil- awl where the best of creations Muhammad was born is coming.

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