13 Covid -19 recoveries at Mponela Rural Hospital


All the 13 Covid -19 cases recorded at Mponela Rural Hospital in Dowa, have recovered and are integrated with their family members and communities in the district.

Mponela Rural Hospital’s Environmental Health Officer, Danvan Kapalamula, says the recoveries of the 13 people is good news for the district, having recorded 76 Covid -19 cases and 3 deaths, two of these, at the Dzaleka Refugees camp and one from the local community.

Kapalamula said since schools are open, parents and guardians have a duty to play to monitor their respective schools that they have all the Covid -19 containment materials for learners and students to wash hands with soap.

Speaking during a –one day long training for Nice Trust Area Civic Education Coordinators (ACEC) drawn from the seven constituencies of the district held at Mponela in Dowa, Kapalamula, asked the ACEC’s to work hand in hand with the HSA’s to reach out to all the communities in the district with one message that Covid -19 is not over.

Kapalamula said out of 100 people, 20 are detected to be Covid -19 positive while 80 percent do not show signs saying this is a threat that the virus can be spreading from one area onto another putting many lives at risk of contracting it, hence a great need to always observe the preventive measures.

“The fight against Covid -19 in the district is far from over. There’s a great need for all to intensify awareness campaigns that even though the figures of confirmed cases are declining and Mponela discharging all the Covid -19 positives to negative, Corona virus is here to stay,’’said Kapalamula.

He encouraged communities in the district to continue observing the precautionary measures such as washing hands with soap, wearing face masks and staying at home to prevent the further spread of the virus in the district.

The Officer thanked Nice Trust for organizing the training to its ACECs , appealing to other NGOs implementing their various interventions in the district to be part of the sensitization campaigns to ensure that people in the district not relax by not adhering to the Covid -19 preventive measures.

In his remarks, Nice Trust District Civic Education Officer for Dowa, Vincent Mbenjere, said his office has embarked on Covid -19 preventive measures sensitization campaigns after hearing reports that many people in the district are not adhering to Covid -19 preventions and are still believing that the virus is for the people in the urban centres.

Mbenjere expressed hope that the ACEC working as a team with the HSA’s and Para –Civic Educators will create a strong awareness campaign that Covid -19 is not over in the district, urging those who have recovered to put into practice all of what they were told to do while integrated in their communities.

One of the participant’s to the training, Patricia Tambala ACEC Dowa West, Kalonga Block, said the training is an eye opener to them to conduct door to door sensitization campaigns that Covid -19 can still come back if people stop adhering to preventive measures.