Al-Answal Islamic Group rescues Bwanali Masjid in Chikwawa

Old Mitondo-bwanali masjid to wear a new look.
Old Mitondo-bwanali masjid to wear a new look.

As days are counting down towards the sighting of new moon of this year’s Holy month of Ramadhan, several charitable Islamic organizations have ganged up in easing some of the challenges Muslim communities in the country are facing.

This was evidenced when the Lower Shire based Islamic organization, Al-Answal Islamic Group, donated 46 iron sheets to Bwanali Masjid of Mitondo village of the East Bank of Chikhwawa district.

The masjid was in dilapidated state and Muslims were praying in grass thatched and earth floored building.

Speaking during the handover ceremony of the iron sheets, Secretary General of Answal Islamic Group, Abdul Marik urged Muslims of Nsanje and Chikhwawa to working together on issues of assisting each other.

“Al-Answal Islamic Group was deeply disturbed with situation where our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters were facing during the times of prayers; I there would like to urge those with ably hands to work together in assisting the needy Muslims,” Marik said.

Marik who is also a Councillor for Makhwila Ward said Muslim from Chikwawa–Nsanje are facing a number challenges hence pleaded with well wishers to assist them.

“People now understand Islam and many are converting to the religion but they don’t get enough support. They face several challenges such as praying in an open ground, no safe water, even no madrassah where they can learn basic principles of Islam,” he said.

Marik therefore pleaded with well wishers to support the activities of the group as it is running with mere contributions from members.

He further pledged that as a Ward Councillor he will try to find a sponsor of Al-Answal Islamic Group.

Sheikh Justin Bwanali right second receiving the symbolic iron-sheet

After receiving the iron sheets Imaam of the mosque Sheikh Justin Bwanali said they were delighted with the timely donation.

Sheikh Bwanali urged other Islamic organizations to emulate the good gesture from the Al-Answal Islamic Group.

“We are very happy as a congregation for this gesture, we did not expect this kind of donation from a small group like Al-Answal Islamic.  I therefore ask my fellow Muslims to help each other in uplifting life style of fellow Muslims.

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