Association of Muslim Professionals to Hold First General Meeting in Blantyre




Blantyre: Anewly to be launched Islamic organisation in Malawi, Association of Muslim Professionals, will on Sunday, September 5, 2010 holds its first general meeting in Blantyre.


The association is the Islamic Information Bureau’s idea that intends to unite all the Muslim Professionals so that they could put together their efforts towards uplifting Islam in the Country, according to Limbe IIB Coordinator Sheikh Ahmed Chienda.

However, Sunday’s meeting will be looking at the importance of Muslim professionals in day to day lives and what impact do they have towards development of Islam in Malawi.

We are having a workshop for Muslim professionals this Sunday here at Limbe Islamic Information Bureau office,” Sheikh Chienda confirmed to Malawi Muslim Official Website on Monday.

We will be looking at reminding each other the importance of these professionals in our day to day lives and how can they contribute to the development of Muslim Community in the Country,” he said.

Currently, only Muslim prpfessionals from Blantyre are invited and Chienda said he knows that it will paint a bad picture on professionals from other districts but assured them that they will be available in future meetings as this is just a beginning.

Among other notable professionals who are expected to be at the function are brother Muheeb Banda, Frank Mbeta, Ali Twanje and many more.

For more information please contact Sheikh Ahmed Chienda on the following address:

S. A. Chenda

Limbe IIB Coordinator

P.o box 497,


Phone: 0995814461

 Photo: Sheikh Ahmed Chienda

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