Atupele Muluzi urges Muslims to vote for Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad

Minister of lands and physical planning Hon. Atupele Muluzi has asked Muslims in the country to vote for the current Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) leader Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad to continue putting Islam on Malawi’s map.

Muluzi has said Sheikh Muhammad is the best leader which Muslims in the country should be proud of since he is trying to bring different developments regardless of the region or religion background.

Muluzi: Lets give Sheikh Muhammad the second chance

“Let me first of all take this advantage since there is MAM elections this year and please, those who are eligible to vote should vote for Sheikh Muhammad because if not so, these donors will pull out their donations to this country since he is the one who convinced them to start helping this country and we will lose a lot,” he said.

Muluzi who is also the Member of Parliament for Machinga North East was speaking this during the food relief distributions which Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) distributed in the area of Traditional Authority Chiwalo Senior Chief Nyambi in the district.

The law maker said Sheikh Muhammad has become the already available solutions to many challenges the country is facing including responding to hunger crisis affecting many districts.

Sheikh Muhammad (Right) briefing to Muluzi about the relief items

He said “My constituents are facing with hunger problems and I called Sheikh Muhammad Idrissah to assist me with the relief items to save my people and MAM has just taken few days to respond to my request and today we are all here witnessing this event.”

The minister also asked MAM to maintain the good relationship which was established with the Arab countries to support different developments in the country.

“It is something very great and recommendable that Sheikh Muhammad managed to convince these foreign donors because they are assisting the country with several developments and it is my humble request to keep these donors for the benefit of all Malawians,” said Muluzi.

Asked on what should be done to avoid losing this opportunity, he said; “MAM should continue using any fund it gets for the intended purposes to keep the trust of the donors and this will make the relationship to last long.”

In his speech Sheikh Muhammad Idrissah said this is the launch of the 2016/2017 food relief item distribution and he will continue until the next harvesting season.

“I have started by reaching to the most affected areas and district but this is not the end of our road we will do this in all the districts across the country, everyone will be reached,” Malawi Muslims Websites quoted.

One of the beneficiaries ululating with her on her head

The trip which was also accompanied by the donor representative from Kuwait Sheikh Jassim Muhammad Aleinati, the Chairman for the African Continent Committee of Revival Heritage Society repeatedly said he is convinced on how MAM is using the donated funds in several projects which are carried out in the country and promised more to come.

The donor representative said he will present all the requests received during his visit in the country and will try to source more funds for Mosques, School blocks, Islamic centers, boreholes and clinics apart from continued relief item distributions.

Currently MAM has distributed 2700 50kg bags of maize in Thyolo, Nsanje, Chikwawa, Machinga and Zomba.



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